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Young woman in a meditative yoga pose, experiencing a mindful morning.

Supercharge Your Day With a Mindful Morning

July 23, 2021

Breaking bad morning habits that derail your day can get you out the door on a better track Some people…

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Victoria Deeks, OnePeak Medical Nurse Practitioner

Meet the Tribe: Victoria Deeks MS, ANP

July 19, 2021

OnePeak’s Victoria Deeks brings 30+ years of experience in Primary and Urgent Care to Redmond Q: Can you tell us about…

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Male Patient in consultation With Doctor about the importance of primary care.

The Importance of Primary Care

July 17, 2021

Whether you’re in good health or have multiple health problems, you need a primary care provider to manage your general and specific…

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Jan Atigbi Hansen, OnePeak Medical Nurse Practitioner

Meet the Tribe: Jan Atigbi-Hansen

July 7, 2021

From Jamaica to Klamath Falls, OnePeak’s Jan Atigbi-Hansen is improving the lives of her community through integrative medicine Q: Can…

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