All Up in Your Business: A Real Kick in the Butt

Article by Harrison McKinney with the Redmond Spokesman

As I was asked to roll down my pants and produce a glute to receive a “B-Kicker” shot, crimson fluid glinted in the syringe in the exam room at OnePeak Medical. I pondered the lengths I’m willing to go in pursuit of journalism.

Michael Hernandez, the only male physician’s assistant at OnePeak Medical, said men notoriously under-care for themselves. He said many should look for more preventative care, rather than going without and waiting until things get more serious.

“I’ve had a whole flock of men from the area come in and finally establish care after neglecting their health for many, many years,” he says.

Bent over the table with my flank exposed, the nurse administered the kicker, a combination of B12 and B6 vitamins, responsible for boosting brain function and immunity.

Hernandez said most men tell female practitioners everything’s fine until he comes in and they unload a laundry list of troubles.“A lot of men feel more comfortable talking about certain issues they have, and doing things like physical exams, annual physicals, with men versus with women.”

The pain ebbing away on my derriere reminded me of all of the checkups I have forgone until health problems gone unchecked become unruly.

He says most of the ailments can be linked to a common symptom besides skipping out on your apple a day: hormone imbalances.

Of the various shots they offer, Onepeak is also very liberal about their hormones because of the benefits of identifying a hormone deficiency can help with a lot of ailments reported by people coming to the clinic. A lot of it can be attributed to hormones, which, Hernandez tells me, is an easy fix. As we age, hormones are bound to go awry, but Hernandez assures me that there is a solution for everyone experiencing fatigue, low motivation, decreased libido, and increased anxiety and depression symptoms, among others.

Hernandez is also fluent in Spanish. He stresses the significance of seamless communication with Spanish speaking patients making their healthcare experience better.

Gluteal pain aside, when I came in for my shot, I was still dealing with the fatigue of a weeks-old cold. A week after, I started to feel markedly better. To those thinking twice about their health and putting up with problems, Hernandez says “it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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