About OnePeak Medical

OnePeak Medical

OnePeak Medical provides personalized, prevention-focused primary care and healthy aging services.

OnePeak believes in providing our patients a unique wellness experience that redefines primary care through innovative, integrated health practices and services geared towards optimal health and well-being. Our healthcare providers understand that this approach to medicine leads to faster results, better outcomes, and ultimately saves our patients time and money. OnePeak Medical strives to pave the way for a healthcare system that accepts and values all evidence-informed practices and identifies the relationship between health, mind, body, & spirit.

OnePeak Founder & Owner

Nisha Jackson

Nisha Jackson, Ph.D., MS, NP, HHP

Nisha Jackson is a nationally recognized hormone expert and functional medicine specialist. Nisha is the Founder, Owner, and Chief Visionary Officer of OnePeak Medical located in Oregon, specializing in functional medicine, hormone balance, age management, and disease prevention. For over 30 years, Nisha has sub-specialized in hormone balancing for men and women, utilizing in-depth testing and balancing treatments for the adrenals, thyroid, brain chemistry, gut, and sex hormones. Her approach to medicine successfully reverses chronic problems such as fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, depression, insomnia, loss of focus, stamina, and sex drive.

Nisha is a renowned lecturer, motivational speaker, radio host, columnist, and author. She is the founder of Balance Docs Inc., a nutritional supplement company; BrandX, a sports wellness-focused nutritional company, and OnePeak Laboratories, a full-service laboratory for in-depth specialized testing and research.

Nisha is the author of the best-seller, Brilliant Burnout: How Successful, Driven Women Can Stay in the Game by Rewiring Their Bodies, Brains. She is also the author of Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause and Surviving the Teenage Hormone Takeover.

"Knowledgeable and willing to listen to patient preferences regarding medication or natural approaches. It feels like we are a team working together to improve my health."


"I came to OnePeak to coordinate all of my medical problems and get me well. So far, I am on the road to recovery and control finally. Very empathetic and passionate people that care about you as a person."


"Love this place! From the receptionist to my wonderful provider. This place is amazing!"


"Very pleasant and friendly staff. Knowledgeable staff  and I don't feel rushed when asking questions or want more information."


"For the last four years, I have been with a provider that didn’t understand preventative medicine. After just two visits at OnePeak and a major blood workup, they have discovered several critical areas I need to correct. A pleasant atmosphere with positive people and knowledgeable medical advice. Thank you OnePeak staff. I have found a home."