Am I a Candidate for Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormone pellet therapy was established decades ago. There has been positive scientific research regarding the benefits for decades. The therapy is an effective, natural, and safe way to restore hormonal balance. The delivery method makes certain you receive the same low and steady doses of hormones once created by your body. You do not need to take pills, use creams, or change any patches. You will not experience and drops or surges in your blood levels. When you are experiencing stress or exercising, additional hormones will be delivered by the implants as needed.

The issue with patches, pills, and creams is the delivery of hormones are released unnaturally and they are inconsistent. The delivery is nothing like the natural procedure used by the body. Hormone pellet therapy provides your body with consistent delivery. This type of therapy is a much more consistent, natural, and safe method of delivering hormones into your body. This is the only delivery system capable of providing your body with steady levels of blood serum as time passes.

The Simplicity and Effectiveness of Hormone Pellet Therapy

Once the pellet has been inserted, the natural hormones flow in a steady dose directly to your bloodstream. You body will be able to control when the hormone is released just as when the testicles and ovaries were functioning properly. The hormones are prescribed specifically for your individual needs. Your hormones experience a drastic shift as your body ages. This makes it difficult to maintain the bone density your body needs to remain healthy. Bone strength decreases due to the decrease in testosterone and estrogen making your bones more susceptible to fractures.

Women experiencing premature menopause due to surgery have an increased risk for osteoporosis. Checking your hormone levels at this point becomes critical. A hormone deficiency weakens your systems. This can cause high blood pressure, a loss of calcium in your bones, wear and tear on your arteries, and a drop in vitality and energy. When your body is out of balance, you will no longer feel like yourself.

Hormone pellet therapy puts your hormones back in balance, does not have any side effects, and may increase your energy levels and vitality and help fight osteoporosis. There are no extra hormones to negatively impact your system because the hormones are delivered in a measured and steady dose. The hormones will not release until they are needed by your body. This is the most reliable way to ensure your body receives a balanced and optimal level of hormones. The only way to be certain you have a hormone balance is to be tested.

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