Common Questions About Hormone Pellet Therapy

Hormonal imbalances lead to a number of health woes. Along with affecting your emotions, cognitive ability, and desire for intimacy, an imbalance can also lead to insomnia. Fortunately, there are treatments for both genders that make it possible to restore a proper balance. Hormone pellet therapy is a prime example. Here are some examples of questions that people often ask when they learn about this type of solution.

What Size are the Pellets?

When people think of pellets, they often have visions of something that’s only marginally smaller than a pill. In fact, the pellets used in this type of treatment are much smaller. You’ll find that a single pellet is slightly larger than a single grain of rice. This makes the insertion process for the
hormone pellet therapy easier to manage and much more comfortable for the patient.

Where are They Inserted?

For men and women, the insertion point is somewhere along the upper area of the buttocks. Our medical professional makes a small incision and inserts the pellet directly into the tissue. The incision is so small that there’s no need for stitches. Covering the incision with a bandage and surgical tape is sufficient. The action process for this phase takes only a minute or two. That’s one reason many people prefer this form of hormone pellet therapy to other solutions.

How Often Will I Need a New Pellet?

Many other forms of hormone replacement therapy require ongoing doses. The nice thing about hormone pellet therapy is that you can go three to four months between treatments. The amount of time between treatments depends on several factors, including your general health, your activity level, and how well you respond to the treatment.

How Soon Will the Treatment Begin to Work?

It’s not unusual for patients to notice some differences within ten days of the initial treatment. For example, you may find that your interest in intimacy begins to return. If you’ve experienced trouble sleeping, you may notice that it’s easier to get to sleep and stay that way for a few hours.

You’ll begin to see the full effect of the hormone pellet therapy somewhere between three and five weeks. By then, you’ll notice an improvement in your general mood and your cognitive abilities. You should also notice that your libido and your ability to engage in intimacy is back to normal.

Is hormone pellet therapy right for you? Come in to Peak Medical Clinic and let’s talk. After discussing which options are likely to produce the best results for you, try a round of this approach. It may turn out to be exactly what you need. We are conveniently located in Eugene, OR, Medford, OR, Klamath Falls, OR, and Roseburg, OR. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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