Energy Plan| part 4

Energy PLAN | part 4


Move that Booty – Sleep that Booty


  1. This is one of the most important things you can do to turn the tide on fatigue. Start today and get out there for 20 minutes to wake up your body. The problem with us today is that we work our brains all week long and then forget to work out body-which leaves us feeling wiped out. There must be a balance between our brains and our body – which can only happen when you are moving your body daily and working up to a sweat.
  2. Stimulating your heart with exercise oxygenates your blood and gives every organ in your body the boost it needs to feel invigorated. It also has the added benefit of clearing your mind, creating less “mental heaviness” and helps to balance your stress hormones and insulin levels –both of which can create fatigue if off kilter.
  3. Try the 10-minute rule. Make a special deal with yourself and move your body for 10 minutes instead of plopping down to watch TV to relax. If you want to quit after 10 minutes you can but chances are once you start you will be able to lay down 30 minutes, no problem! Another option might be to just walk around the block when you are wiped out. Walking is particularly helpful for energy and clearing the mind and good for those who are experiencing back pain. A recent study on the effects of 10 minutes of walking revealed that it not only increased energy, but the effects lasted for 2 additional hours afterwards.
  4. Lift weights, do Yoga, or try my favorite combination –DAILY sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges in 3 sets. These simple exercises work the entire body and really do re-shape you, keep you from losing muscle mass with age (real energy-zapper) and keep you looking lean and fit!
  5. Take a POWER NAP – close your office door, slip out to your car or drop down on the couch for a quick power nap. These cat naps will help boost your mood, memory, lower stress levels, and increase productivity. Take a smart nap and aim to get the nap in before 2pm, and make it for 20 min or less.
  6. Clean up your SLEEP patterns.
    • Get to sleep before 11pm (you make essential hormones starting at 11pm – that you can’t miss out on)
    • Aim for 9 hours nightly – with stress you will need more sleep
    • Take a STRESS PM supplement to “turn off your brain” and get to sleep and stay asleep. Click here to order STRESS PM. and get your Cortisol rhythms back in sync.
    • Keep the room pitch dark – even covering up the red numbers on your alarm clock
    • Keep the room cool- 68 degrees
    • Keep your cell phone away from your head and silenced.
    • Kick out the animals and do not let them interrupt your sleep!
    • Don’t use the computer before sleeping (the light and stimulation of material you are reading sends up stress hormone levels and wakes your brain up)
    • Take a natural SLEEP –brain supplement to aid in deep –restful sleep that will help you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated – click here to order SLEEP


Coming Soon….Energy PLAN | part 5



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