Enjoy the Holidays (the Healthy Way)

Here are my 5 top tips for making it through the holiday season without feeling bloated and over stuffed!

I like to keep health in general pretty simple.

As humans we need 4 things. Food, Water, Movement & Connection.

Make this time of year about CONNECTION with your loved ones! Focus on the memories and time you get to spend with friends and family that you might not get to see all the time. Spend that extra 10 mins at the table listening to your Grandma’s or Grandpa’s stories! Catch up with your cousins! Play with your little nieces and nephews! Soak it all up!

Ok, now back to food.

Let’s be honest, even with our best intentions, sometimes, ok a lot of times we over eat during this holiday season. When that happens, we need to be nice and give our guts some help.

Optimize your digestion!

Take those recipes back you your ROOTS! Think basic WHOLE food ingredients!


Portion control

Stay hydrated – between meals.

Looking for new recipes to try? Use the search term “paleo” + recipe name. This cuts out dairy, gluten, traditional sugar, many common allergens.  I am not saying “paleo” cookies are a health food… I am saying they will likely not contain the ingredients just mentioned that will make you feel sick. So still keep portions in mind.

Plus keep an eye out for those PEAK approved Christmas recipes!

Happy Holidays!

-Ali Parkerson, BS- NTP

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