Fight Fatigue! Part 1

Fight Fatigue – Be Ready to Take on the Day – Every Day!

A guide to boosting energy and strengthening your stamina!

Here is part one of your action packed plan for enhanced brain and body energy!

1. Pace Yourself – if you are an energizer bunny but feel that your batteries are wearing out by noontime each day… you might want to consider the fact that you are not pacing yourself. Instead of burning through your energy in the first two hours of the day, consider stretching your action list throughout the day. Make a list of AM and PM tasks and work through them at a sane and realistic pace – with rest and meals in-between to keep your blood glucose and mental energy in an optimal range. In addition, consider eliminating things that you do not have to do. 

Check back next week for part two of my Fight Fatigue Action Plan!

You can also click here to read more about the Energy Plan or here for Rebalance Energy supplement.

– Nisha

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