Fight Fatigue! – Part 2: Boost Energy with a Power Walk or Nap

Fight Fatigue – Be Ready to Take on the Day- Every Day!

A guide to boosting energy and strengthening your stamina!

Here is part two of your action packed plan for enhanced brain and body energy! The ultimate question, to walk or take a nap…

2. WALK vs. NAP? –  There is nothing more satisfying than a quick power-nap – taken at the right time of the day!  The key to a true power nap is making is short, sweet, and before 2pm.  The later you take a nap in the day the more difficult it will be to get deep, restful sleep at night. If your sleep at night is less than optimal or you are overly stressed, a nap might be the best choice. If you have low energy, physically and mentally, but slept enough hours the night before – it would serve you well to take a power walk instead!  Just put your shoes on and head outside. You do not need a plan- just head out and start your walk in any direction for 20 minutes. This will help work the largest muscles in your body and send oxygen-saturated blood to your brain that will wake you up instantly.  If you have been sitting in one place more than two hours, expect your energy to pe. Research has shown that sitting for longer periods, lowers your metabolism, and reduces blood flow to the largest muscles by 30% – leaving us feeling like slugs. Our bodies are not built to sit for hours – it will lead to fatigue, brain fog, back pain, and obesity.  Move frequently with intermittent stretches to wake up your body. 

Check back next week for part three of my Fight Fatigue Action Plan!

You can also click here to read more about the Energy Plan or here if you missed part one of my Fight Fatigue Action Plan!

– Nisha

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