Goal Setting for 2019 – Part 2

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What specific steps can you take towards your goal?

Let’s say you wanted to create a healthier lifestyle, whether it be for health-related weight loss, or self-confidence and body composition. Both of those goals will require similar steps.

Think of a healthy lifestyle and what HABITS they include, activity throughout the day, exercise, good nutrition, water, stress reduction, getting enough sleep and cultivating positive relationships.

Now think of your current situation and the habits we just mentioned find the differences. What would be the easiest factor to go after and change TODAY.

Here are some examples:







With all these examples, and we could of course list more, pick 3 things to work on this week. Write them down and schedule them – DAY and TIME! Put them in your calendar and make it happen. Once those 3 new habits become routine – meaning you don’t have to think about them, pick 3 more to incorporate, etc. Keep this pattern going until before you know it those few baby steps add up to creating the dream picture in your head.

Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way! These are a few of my favorite (non-food based) ways to reward myself for hitting one of my short-term goals.

Next you have to track your progress. I like to do this with a journal. You don’t have to make long entries just get something on paper every now and then. This will help you take stock and reflect on your journey. You can also record multiple measurements of progress with journal entries from body weight, digestive symptoms as they appear and resolve, energy levels, attitude, mood, self-confidence, pictures, work out times or weights, and much more. You can also record times when you think you have ‘failed’ and learn from those experiences. You can read your own words and remember how it felt when you made that ‘less than optimal’ choice last time.

Last, but not least, write what you are grateful for. Whether you are thrilled with your progress or frustrated during a plateau there is ALWAYS something for which you can be grateful!

-Ali Parkerson, nutritionist, MS NTP

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