Hair Loss? Consider PRP Therapy

Hair loss is a common problem. While it affects men in larger numbers, women can also experience it. There are a number of potential causes for hair loss, including heredity, medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies and aging. Those looking for a treatment that doesn’t involve the side effects of drugs or the invasiveness of a surgical procedure may be interested in PRP therapy. This innovative treatment uses your own blood components to promote healing and growth. It’s a procedure that’s been used in a number of medical areas and can be quite effective in promoting hair growth. Read on to learn more about PRP for hair loss.

About PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This technology first saw use in the promotion of wound healing in 2005. Since then, it’s been adapted for other uses, including promoting hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma is comprised of nutrient-rich platelets and plasma from the blood. These are separated by spinning the blood rapidly in a device called a centrifuge. The plasma and platelets are used to create a serum that is to be injected into the designated treatment area of the scalp. It’s believed that the reason PRP works is that it promotes the growth phase of the hair cycle.

What to Expect

During your PRP therapy session, you can expect to have blood removed from your arm in order to be spun in a centrifuge. The prepared serum containing the nutrient-rich platelets and plasma will then be injected into your scalp. You can expect to receive multiple injections per treatment session. The treatment is typically well tolerated, and it usually takes only about a half hour or so per session. Results don’t occur immediately. You may need at least three sessions to get started. After that, you’ll receive another session some months later, with maintenance sessions annually to follow. Hair regrowth starts to be visible around the third or fourth appointment, usually.

Candidates for PRP Therapy

Men and women are both appropriate candidates for PRP therapy. Androgenic alopecia is a condition that affects men and women differently, but is a common reason for many to seek treatment. In men, it presents as male-pattern baldness along the hairline and for women it tends to cause thinning hair all across the entire head. Women who start losing hair during menopause may wish to give PRP a try also. In addition, it’s best to start treatment within five years of noticeable hair loss. Otherwise, it’s likely too late due to shrinking hair follicles. Talk to your doctor about any medical conditions, medications or concerns that might limit your suitability as a candidate.

Get In Touch with Us for More Information

PRP therapy for hair loss has shown great promise in recent years. It can be a beneficial means to promote hair growth without medications or surgical intervention. To learn more, feel free to reach out and make an appointment with Peak Medical Clinic. At our convenient locations in Eugene, OR, Medford, OR, Klamath Falls, OR, and Roseburg, OR, our caring and dedicated team of professionals will be pleased to explain this option to you in full and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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