How the “LipoSlim” Shot Works

How the “LipoSlim” Shot Works: Weight Loss, Energy, & More!

Many patients come to us either requesting a “Skinny Shot” or asking for more information about them. Without a doubt, it is one of our most popular nutrient injections – and for good reason! Let’s explore what this “LipoSlim”, “Skinny Shot”, or “Lipotropic Injection”, is and how it works.

How does it work?

“Lipotropic”, or fat-burning substances, work in numerous ways to promote weight loss by including these critical components:

The combination of these agents is excellent for chronic fatigueweight loss plateausthyroid disorder and slow metabolism. Shots for aggressive weight/fat loss should be given once or twice weekly.


Essentially, the amino acids that are injected into the muscle work to encourage the liver to optimize and speed up the process of metabolism. When the body’s metabolic power is boosted, there is a temporary increase in the normal metabolic functions.

When a patient gets this lipotropic injection, and combines a well-balanced nutritional and exercise plan, they can achieve weight loss results much more effectively than just eating well and exercising!

Patients can also expect to simultaneously increase their energy levels both via the fat released and the energy promoting properties of vitamin B-12.

This easy and effective nutrient injection is great for so many people, and especially for people who are looking for ways to maximize their health and weight loss, or who have hit that weight loss “plateau” and are seeking ways to jump-start their metabolism using vitamins and nutrients.

Is it basically a Vitamin B12 Shot?

No, it is not, but when used in combination with certain Vitamin B’s it intensifies the effects and accelerates the metabolic processes, while creating a greater feeling of overall energy.

Sounds interesting right?

Lipotropic injections might be one of the best shots you’ll ever receive, and there is a reason people are lining up to get them. Thanks to advancements in science and constant research in medicine and natural therapies, we can use certain vitamins and nutrients in so many ways that have been scientifically proven to benefit the body, brain, and metabolism!

Vitamin injections are safe, natural, effective, and treat so many different problems with no downtime. Side effects are extremely rare. They are a great complement to hard work in the gym, meal prepping, a clean and non-toxic health and beauty regimen, and to all the other ways in which we give back to our health!

Where can I get them?

Peak Medical Clinic is happy to offer our “Skinny Shot”. Our skinny shots are normally offered at just $20 per injection. Make sure to stop by and get yours by the end of November to receive 10% off all nutrient injections – making your “Skinny Shot” just $18!

Hope you enjoyed learning more about these miracle worker injections! Comment or message us on social media if you have a topic you want us to blog on! We would love to hear your input! XO

-Kenz RN, BSN

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