Look Your Best with Medical Weight Loss

You desire to lose weight and look your best, but no matter what fad diet you follow, the weight always comes back. This is a typical scenario for many overweight people. There is an answer. Medical weight loss is a weight loss program that is administered by a physician and other medical professionals to guide you to healthy eating habits and help you discover the root cause of your overeating. You not only lose weight, but you also do it in a healthy, sustainable way.

What Is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Being obese or chronically overweight is not necessarily a failure of willpower. Physicians who specialize in obesity medicine are trained to treat weight conditions, especially those that have a great impact on the person’s health.

During your first consultation with our weight specialist, we will take a comprehensive look at your medical history. This will include your weight, diet, and exercise history. You may have medical problems that are associated with your weight such as prediabetes, anxiety, sleep apnea or depression. Sometimes, people take prescription medications that make them gain weight. Based on your medical history a customized weight loss program will be designed.

What Does a Customized Weight Loss Program Include?

Your customized program is created by according to your needs. Our dietitians may provide meals that satisfy your cravings without adding to your weight. You will be taught how to prepare these meals and learn which foods are suitable for your health. Most of the time, you will have tasty meals, but nutritious diet drinks may also be provided for the times you are in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking.

Your program will include exercise. You may have avoided doing regular exercise for years because it is too tiring and difficult. This is one reason you don’t burn calories or strengthen your muscles. In a medical weight loss program, professional trainers will help you get used to exercising by providing a regime that is in keeping with your physical abilities. It will gradually increase as your body strengthens.

You will also receive lifestyle coaching to help you understand any underlying causes for your obesity. There may be triggers that you are unaware of that push you to overeat. These programs are designed by psychologists and are personal and private.

You will feel better about your appearance, which will boost your self-confidence. Other benefits include:

• More energy
• A new outlook on life
• Improved intimate relationships

Start the journey toward looking your best with a personalized medical weight loss program at Peak Medical Clinic. Our team is trained to understand obesity and treat it so our patients may lose the right amount of weight and keep it off to achieve a healthier life. We are conveniently located in Eugene, OR, Medford, OR, Klamath Falls, OR, and Roseburg, OR. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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