Restore Your Skin Naturally Through PRP Therapy

Unless you’ve been blessed with truly age-defying genes, the gradual breakdown of the overall look and integrity of your skin is inevitable. At some point in your life, your body will naturally decrease its collagen production. Moreover, evidence of sun damage, normal wear and tear, hormonal changes, and other life events will begin to appear. From enlarged pores to crow’s feet, there are countless was in which smooth, supple, and ultimately youthful skin is bound to change over time. Fortunately, it is also to effectively reverse these developments through the use of PRP therapy.

What PRP Therapy is and How It Improves Skin Tone, Texture and Health

PRP therapy actually has many names. It is sometimes called collagen induction therapy. That’s because these treatments are performed via a collagen-inducing technique known as micro-needling. Because the PRP or platelet-rich-plasma that’s used in these treatments is derived from the patient’s own blood, this procedure is also sometimes called a vampire facial.

At the start of all microneedling procedures, a nutrient-dense, skin-restoring serum is placed directly on top of the targeted area. A microneedling wand is then used to create microchannels across the visage. This allows the serum to permeate the skin deeply so that it enters the foundation layers of the dermis. In the case of PRP therapy, the topical serum is platelet-rich-plasma that’s been obtained from the patient’s own blood supply. PRP is filled with all of the right elements for promoting faster collagenesis (collagen production), rapid cell renewal, and significant enhancements in cell differentiation among many other things.

How PRP Therapy Can Improve the Overall Look and Health of Your Facial Skin

By delivering key nutrients to the very areas that need them most, micro-needling with PRP effectively turns back the hands of time. Minor and superficial cosmetic issues like dark spots and fine lines can be minimized with just a single session. More serious problems such as deep and pitted acne scars, and noticeable volume loss at the mid-face, can be corrected over the course of several treatments. It is also important to note that micro-needling with PRP is capable of producing both immediate and extended benefits. Enhanced cell renewal will quickly create a brighter and more vibrant complexion. Over the weeks and months that follow these procedures, increases in collagenesis will provide additional structural support to the skin, promote higher levels of both resilience and elasticity, and replace lost volume.

Is PRP Therapy the Right Anti-Aging Treatment for You?

There is currently a very impressive range of non-invasive anti-aging procedures that people can choose from when attempting to rejuvenate their appearances. PRP with microneedling is an excellent, standalone solution to many common signs of facial aging. However, it can also be safely paired with injectable dermal fillers to address a more comprehensive range of aesthetic concerns. These combination procedures are often ideal for people with numerous cosmetic issues to address, or with much more advanced signs of facial aging.

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