Sleep Plan | part 2

Sleep PLAN |part 2



Sleep Quiz

Take the Sleep Quiz


The sleep quiz is designed to help you determine the extent of your sleep deprivation and to become conscious of the toll it’s taking on your body and mind.

Answer the following questions; not taking into account the effect of any sleep supplements or medication you may be taking.


I have trouble falling asleep within an hour of going to bed
Yes  No

I wake up one or more times during the night
Yes  No

I have a hard time going back to sleep if I wake up at night
Yes  No

I do not feel rested when I wake up in the morning
Yes  No

I have problems with memory and concentration during the day
Yes  No

I experience fatigue during the day and at times feel exhausted
Yes  No

I have to take naps during the day to keep going
Yes  No

I feel depressed, irritable, and moody when I have not slept well, even after just one night
Yes  No

I have gained weight during periods of sleeplessness
Yes  No

Lack of sleep affects my ability to function during the day
Yes  No

I cannot seem to turn my brain off at night when I go to bed
Yes  No

I get up several times at night to use the bathroom
Yes  No

I have more pain in my body when I don’t sleep well
Yes  No


Scoring the test: total up all of your YES answers

1-3 You are at risk for developing poor sleep patterns, and you should take steps to improve your sleep. – Consider using 1-2 Sleep Supplements at bedtime as needed to calm a busy mine, adjust sleep with stress, and to keep your sleep rhythms for getting into chronic debt. To order Rebalance Sleep click here.

4-7 You are already suffering side effects of sleep deprivation and are most likely considering or getting treatment with medication or supplementation to help you sleep.It is vital that you take your sleeplessness seriously as it is already compromising your physical, mental, or emotional health. Implement the recommended steps in this guide to improved sleep for a healthy mind and body. Begin using the Sleep supplement to get to sleep more efficiently and stay asleep longer with less grogginess in the morning. Click here to order.

8-13 You have a severe sleep problem. Consult your health care provider for evaluation and treatment and consider adding a sleep supplement to your regimen for added support and to break the “sleep debt cycle”. Click here to order Sleep supplement. Don’t disregard the long-term consequences of sleep deprivation, which can adversely affect nearly every area of your life.


Part 3 coming soon…



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