Sleep Plan | part 6

Sleep PLAN | part 6


9 Tricks to Quick Sleep

9 Tips for Getting the Rest You Need

  1. Create a sleep sanctuary. Reserve your bedroom for sleep and intimacy. Keep it on the cool side. Banish the television, computer, cellphone or digital organizer, and other diversions from that space.
  2. Nap only if necessary. Napping an hour or two at the peak of sleepiness in the afternoon can help to supplement hours missed at night. But naps can also interfere with your ability to sleep at night and throw your sleep schedule into disarray.
  3. Start a Powerful Natural Sleep Supplement –this will help control irregular sleep cycles and keep you from tossing and turning all night long. Wake up rested and restored without the “hangover” effect. Click here to order Rebalance Sleep.
  4. Avoid caffeine after noon, and go light on alcohol. Caffeine can stay in your body for up to 12 hours. Alcohol can act as a sedative, but it also disturbs sleep.
  5. Get regular exercise, but not within three hours of bedtime. Exercise acts as a short-term stimulant.
  6. The Debt Issues of Sleep. If you’ve been missing out on sleep for decades, it could take a while to recoup your losses. Plan a vacation or time away with a light schedule and few obligations, skip the major sight seeing and late night social activities – instead turn off the alarm and go to sleep and wake up naturally. At first you will be sleeping 10-12 hours and then you will begin sleeping only the amount you need to feel refreshed (7-9 hours per night).
  7. Avoid backsliding into a new debt cycle. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day — at the very least on weekdays, this sets your internal clock and reduces daytime fatigue.
  8. No stressful or emotional activities before bedtime. Ditch the computer (the bright lights on your computer tell your brain to wake up), the content on the computer (emails or web surfing) stimulate your brain and that is the exact opposite of what you want to be doing to turn off the brain and rest.
  9. Eat to Sleep – avoid late night eating – try to not eat for 2 hours before bedtime, this will allow all of your bodily processes to work together to help you sleep deep, rather than on digestion. If you feel you need something to help you sleep –choose a protein and high fiber snack – no sugar or heavy starches.


Still unsure of how sleep really works… Go back and read the Stages of Sleep from the Sleep Plan | part 5


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