The Importance of Your Annual Well-Woman Exam

Like most women, your packed schedule may not leave much time for a visit to the doctor. Especially if you’re not feeling sick.

But in order to keep up with the daily demands of your busy life, you need to take time for yourself. This includes scheduling your annual well-woman exam. 

At OnePeak Medical, our health experts take primary care services to the next level. Of course, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current health during your annual well-woman exam, but we also look for ways we can help you improve your future health.

We want you to know why your annual well-woman exam is so important.

Focus on overall health

One of the primary reasons your annual well-woman exam is so important is because the focus is on your overall health. Though we provide comprehensive care when you come in for a sick visit or a specific health need, the focus of these appointments is on the immediate health concern.

During your annual well-woman exam, we have the time to fully assess your health from head to toe. And, because we take an integrative approach to health and wellness, we not only focus on your physical health, but also your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

We ask many questions about your current health issues and future health concerns. We also inquire about your daily routine, including your eating and exercise habits and your daily stresses.

Your well-woman exam also includes a physical, pelvic, and breast exam. 

Assess current health

After we complete your history and physical, we use the information to assess your current health. This gives us a general benchmark that helps us understand your current health needs so we can try to prevent future health problems.

We also compare your current health to your health history to look for positive and negative health trends. Most importantly, we use your health assessment to create a plan that optimizes your general sense of well-being that leads to healthy aging. 

Screen for future health problems 

Though your current health assessment provides us with valuable information about how best to direct your wellness plan, your annual well-woman exam gives us an opportunity to screen for diseases and health issues that affect women. 

Some of the health screenings we conduct or set up during your annual well-woman exam include:

Our health experts also specialize in hormone therapy. Depending on your health issues and age, we may run hormone testing to check your hormone levels. 

Many of the symptoms women associate with aging — weight gain, fatigue, and low libido — may be signs of perimenopause (the transitional period leading up to menopause) or menopause. 

If our testing indicates your hormone levels are low, we may recommend hormone pellet therapy. Our customized hormone replacement therapy not only alleviates your symptoms, but may also boost your vitality and zest for life. 

Make your health a priority. Call one of our offices in Medford, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Roseburg, or Grants Pass, Oregon, to schedule your well-woman exam or book an appointment online right now. 

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