Tired of Water? 6 Healthy H20 Alternatives

I know. I get it. I am generally a pretty good water drinker BUT sometimes we just need to mix it up! Here are some great options for you to “mix up” your daily hydration routine:

Hot Drinks:

My most recent Starbucks order: Hot almond milk, with extra cinnamon, chocolate, and a little nutmeg powder. And it was tasty, warm, and cost less than $3! Now that is a sustainable ‘coffee’ habit! Use the Starbucks app to find our nutrient information. This will help you watch out for hidden sugar! For example, I was considering a Match tea but then I saw the 25g+ of carbs and knew it was going to contain some kind of sweetener or syrup.

You can also make a delicious hot drink at home!

I love to make my own hot chocolate using coconut or almond milk, organic cacao and or chocolate protein powder.

Hot Cacao:

So delicious and full of antioxidants, protein and healthy fats!

Hot Chocolate:

For better digestion:

Lemon Water

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Kombucha tea: a fermented tea drink

Are you craving some sweet citrus on a hot day?

Boosted Apple Juice

When playing with your own healthy drink recipes, stevia drops can be used to sweeten some drinks, but I challenge you to still decrease the amount (3 down to 2 drops). As you change your eating habits, your taste buds will change and your reference for “sweet” will change as well.

Did you recently go Gluten free?

Don’t worry you can still enjoy some gluten free ciders when you are craving that ‘cold one’.

Or wanting some wine to unwind? Choose red over white for more of antioxidant punch! I hope this helps adds to your new and improved healthy lifestyle!

-Ali Parkerson, MS NTP, Peak Medical Clinic

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