What Makes Microneedling So Effective?

What Makes Microneedling So Effective?


Author: Dr Nisha Jackson

If you are dealing with numerous skin problems like wrinkles, scars, or blemishes, you should consider undergoing a microneedling procedure. This treatment is one of the best all-around skin rejuvenation procedures available. Since it is a minimally-invasive technique, no incisions are required.

The Magic of Microneedling

There are very few skin rejuvenation techniques that can rival microneedling in its ability to transform the appearance of your skin without the need for hospitalization or real downtime. We can quickly perform your treatment right here in our office and have you back to your daily life immediately.

The treatment works through the controlled delivery of safe, microscopic channels to the surface layers of your skin. Although these tiny openings are virtually invisible to the naked eye, they stimulate the production of new collagen that helps to replace old, damaged skin tissue affected by signs of aging, sun damage, scars, and more.

The Advantages

Microneedling does not involve any incisions or sedation. Since we are affecting your skin to a lesser degree than other procedures, you will require less healing time. In addition, the treatments provide results that build naturally over time. We are not injecting you with a synthetic substance or making drastic changes to your facial contours. Your results will appear to be soft, natural, and plausible.

Ongoing Improvements

Many patients benefit from multiple microneedling treatment sessions. Each individual session improves upon the results of previous treatment sessions. You should see a gradual improvement in problems like acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and other blemishes.

Combination Treatments

Besides making an amazing treatment in its own right, needling can help enhance other types of skin rejuvenation techniques. Many patients choose to combine their sessions with the application of topical skin care products. The outer barrier of your skin, medically known as the stratum corneum, presents a problem for many topicals that have larger molecular sizes. The microscopic punctures created by needling treatments allow such products to bypass the outer skin barrier, greatly amplifying their effectiveness through increased skin penetration.

Learn More During a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about how microneedling can enhance the health and appearance of your skin, or if you would like to receive more information about your candidacy for the treatment, reach out to us at Peak Medical Clinic to schedule a consultation at one of our offices. We have locations in Eugene, OR, Medford, OR, Klamath Falls, OR, and Roseburg, OR. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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