Why Consider Pellet Therapy?

The most efficient and natural way to provide both women and men with hormones is pellet therapy. Small amounts of bio-identical hormones are released consistently once the pellets have been placed beneath the skin. Healthy levels of hormones are delivered consistently for between three and four months by the pellets. This is dependent on the specific dosage. This eliminates the ups and downs and fluctuations associated with any other type of hormone delivery.

A lot of the common symptoms and side effects are caused by the hormone fluctuations with other methods. Pellet therapy will not increase blood clotting risks like synthetic or conventional hormone replacement therapy. Studies have shown pellets provide exceptional relief for maintaining bone density, improving the sex drive, sexual performance and response, helping alleviate the symptoms of menopause, restoring sleep patterns and increasing the libido. Individuals who have been unsuccessful with another type of hormone therapy in the past have experienced a high rate of success with pellet therapy. This method is also extremely convenient.

Pellets are most frequently used in Australia and Europe. This is because so many of the pharmaceutical companies producing the pellets are located in these countries. A lot of pellet research comes from Australia and England. There is also research available from the Netherlands and Germany. From approximately the 1940’s until the beginning of the 1980’s, numerous individuals in the United States were using pellets frequently. This is because patented estrogen pellets were being marketed for the consumers.

The United States has provided some of the best data regarding the use of hormone implants on patients with breast cancer. There are also clinics in the United States specializing in pellet therapy.

The Procedure for Pellet Therapy

The procedure used to insert the pellets is simple. The practitioner may use local anesthesia to keep the individual comfortable. In most cases the pellet insertion is in the hip or lower wall of the abdomen. The correct dosage is ensured because the procedure is performed by a healthcare professional. Once the pellet has been placed, many individuals feel happier, sleep better and experience an increase in energy. Fatty tissue is reduced and bone density and muscle mass increase. Many individuals notice an improvement in physical performance, coordination and strength.

Improvements in hair texture, memory, concentration and sexual and physical health are common. If the individual is not getting enough sleep, stressed or taking specific medications, the pellet may need to be replaced sooner than normal. If you are interested in pellet therapy at Peak Medical Clinic, please visit one of our locations in Eugene, OR, Medford, OR, Klamath Falls, OR, and Roseburg, OR. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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