Why You Should Be Using Prp For Hair Loss

Why you should be using a multifactorial approach with PRP for Hair Loss

What the heck is PRP and why do I keep hearing about the benefits?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Plasma is the part of our blood responsible for carrying red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. In PRP, the patient’s own blood is spun down to the platelet-rich plasma, which many medical professionals refer to as “liquid gold”. This liquid gold, increases the concentration of platelets to up to four times as much as whole blood. Also, it has a much higher concentration of growth factors than normal blood, making it ideal for a variety of health concerns. PRP therapy is an innovative and non-surgical approach to promote healing by naturally using the body’s own healing properties.

Wait, I thought PRP was for sports injuries?

Medical professionals began using PRP therapy over a decade ago to speed up the healing process in damaged joints and ligaments after injuries. Well, how did it work you may ask? The answer is, it worked wonders for top level athletes all over the world, and helped them get back to their game faster by stimulating rapid healing, in some cases helping avoid surgery down the road. Physicians and practitioners started wondering what else this “liquid gold” could be used to heal. It wasn’t long before the world began seeing the remarkable benefits in dermatology and esthetics, especially in regard to hair re-growth.

Scalp PRP for hair loss

Researchers found that high concentrations of platelets in plasma cells help promote hair growth by prolonging the growing phase of the hair cycle.

The procedure works by placing several injections using a tiny needle, to place the plasma exactly where the loss or thinning is occurring on the scalp. These injections are typically administered monthly for three months, then spread out over about three or four months for up to two years. The injection schedule will depend on a variety of factors discussed with your practitioner and the severity and onset of hair loss.

Should I do just PRP? Are there more solutions I can add to maximize the benefits of my procedure?

We get this question a lot because our patients are serious about their concerns and results. This is why we started implementing a multi-factorial approach to hair loss in our clinics.

What makes Peak Medical Clinic so different from other clinics is that we use a system approach for hair loss, essentially addressing all areas of our patient’s health to investigate the cause and create a unique solution, often integrating several approaches.

Along with esthetics, we specialize in primary care, hormone testing with on-site lab draws, adrenal fatigue, weight loss, and many other aspects of men and women’s health. Our practitioners and staff help patients with all areas of health and wellness, which is why it would be crazy for us to think there is just one cause or one solution to hair loss.

Here are 5 factors related to hair loss we address, & aspects we discuss with patients looking to optimize their hair growth & enhance the success of PRP

  1. Hormone testing and treatment- So many hormones imbalances lead to hair loss and thinning, it would take us a long time to dive into this so we will keep it simple for the purposes of this post. In addition, medications we may be taking for a variety of reasons are acting as silent “endocrine disruptors”, and throwing off our balance, which we often see show up in our skin and hair health. At Peak our practitioners are specialized in evaluating patient’s specific hormones panels. Many of our PRP clients have achieved amazing success with balancing their hormones as an addition.
  1. Metabolic causes of hair loss, iron deficiency- Iron is an essential component in an enzyme called ribonucleotide reductase that helps cell growth. When our iron levels are low, we cannot effectively facilitate this cell growth. In fact, hair follicle cells can be particularly sensitive to decreasing levels of iron and are not able to facilitate new cells as effectively when iron stores are low. We like to recommend to our patients our ULTIMATE IRON  supplement to help with minor-moderate low iron levels. It is important to know, for best absorption, Iron is best on an empty stomach. Yet, it can cause stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea in some patients. If you find you do need to take iron with a small amount of food, always avoid taking it at the same time as milk, calcium, or antacids.
  1. Hair products- many people today are not utilizing a shampoo and conditioner that help re-grow their hair. Ironic because, it’s the very thing we do every single day for our hair and scalp health. In fact, many of the shampoos and conditioners we are using have harsh chemicals, fragrances, dyes, parabens, and toxins that are working against us, not for us. We recommend our Hair Growth System Products. This medical grade system which consists of, a Rapid Growth Serum, our Replenish Shampoo, and the Restorative Conditioner. These work together to prep the scalp for maximum hair growth and to arrest hair loss. Visible results can be seen within one month of use. (sold in clinics only, available soon for online purchase).
  1. Stress- This is a huge factor we examine in regards to people with hair loss and thinning. At Peak, we investigate and treat the underlying causes of health problems, which often times is stress. We look at adrenal function, as well as, the bodies reaction to stress on hormones and the endocrine system. We ensure our patients are offered the necessary natural options, and tools to handle their stress in a health way. Our best-selling natural supplement AM STRESS re-calibrates cortisol rhythms during the day to rev up energy, endurance, stamina, focus, and improve your ability to manage stress.
  1. Supplements & Vitamin Infusions- PRP scalp results can be magnified exponentially with the help of both supplements such as our GELATIN  which helps builds connective tissue in hair, skin, and nails, as well as our infusions which deliver high doses of vitamins and nutrients directly into your blood stream. Many of our infusions contain B complex vitamins that play a crucial role in the overall health of the scalp and the hair.

When talking about any health or esthetic concern, it is so important to realize there is more than one cause, and you can treat an area of concern multiple ways at the same time for best results.

So many procedures and treatments can be fully optimized by targeting several aspects of health that could be contributing to the problem. We hope you enjoyed this post and that you will seek care form a medical team that is listening to all your concerns and doing the most to benefit you! Thanks for reading!


Kenzie Jackson RN, BSN

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