Proof is in the Pudding: The Evolution of OnePeak Medical

Since 2015, OnePeak Medical has grown from just 2 providers to finishing 2022 with over 35 providers and 10 clinics across Oregon (with BIG plans for 2023)!

After retiring from a large practice, OnePeak Medical’s founder Nisha Jackson was excited to have a small, more intimate clinic and just see patients two weeks out of the month. Tanya Babbitt, Facilities and Event Manager, still chuckles at Nisha worrying “what if I can’t fill two weeks?” After acquiring the Roseburg clinic in 2016, Kim Epps, FNP-C knew we wouldn’t be small for long. “Needless to say, we have been building at mach speed ever since!” says Kim.

As we look forward to 2023, we will be opening several clinics in the first half of the year to make this type of healthcare geared towards optimal well-being and health available to as many people as possible.

The Proof is in the Pudding

With many moving parts, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and forget how many lives we change every single day. Every Friday, the entire company receives an email highlighting the positive impact we’ve had on patients that week — we receive approximately 50 reviews EACH WEEK. This weekly reflection is not only a great way to end the week with gratitude but reminds us of our “why.”

“The care I have received has changed my life! This is the first time I have ever looked forward to going to the doctor.” (Sheri K.)

“At my ‘advanced’ age, it was a real eye-opener to discover how much I do NOT know about my health and taking care of my body! I am so excited to have chosen OnePeak to get back on track with my health issues, and, after years of frustration, am truly optimistic that I have found the professionals who are going to help me reach my goals.” (Cornelia L.)

“I don’t feel rushed and like he actually listens to the problem to find the root cause instead of prescribing things to mask symptoms” (Nicholas C.)

“I have been amazed at so many improvements in my day-to-day living. My energy has returned and I enjoy life so much more than before OnePeak Medical.” (Tom W.)

“I’ve never felt this healthy in my life, thanks to Ashley and Katie! I’ve had a lot of health issues in my life, but never experienced good healthcare. Now, Ashley has me on the right path and she genuinely cares!” (Cindy S.)

“Their functional approach to health has changed my life!” (Tanya H.)

“I can’t say enough great things about OnePeak and my doctor Whitney Johnston! She saved my life! The compassion and caring she showed and most importantly listening to my concerns and needs made me feel like I was family just not another patient! Herself, the staff, and the whole experience are the best healthcare I have ever received!” (Steven S.)

“They genuinely care and treat me like a person and not just a chart. I walk out of the office smiling and feeling motivated because of their positive energy and information.” (Jennifer H.)

“Gratitude makes sense of your past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and attribute a lot of our success to our ability to recruit, hire, and maintain a motivated and productive workforce. We recently asked our “founding” TRIBE to share a memory from the “beginning” to reflect on the past and how far we’ve come.

“Since the beginning of this chapter of my career and life I’ve always seen Nisha as a mentor. So, when it was time for us to sell our business, she was the first call I made. She was over in Klamath before I knew it, meeting me on New Year’s (also her birthday) in 2017. It’s been my honor and pleasure to be part of seeing her vision come to life, and bring functional medicine to more people than she probably thought possible.” ​- Rebecca Meek, Grants Pass Medical Provider

“I’ve had the opportunity to grow here professionally and personally. My friends and family say that I look younger now than I did 10 years ago. I certainly feel it. I contribute that to the care I get from being a patient at OnePeak. I’ve also had the opportunity to expand my skill set and am constantly encouraged to be more and do more. This really is my TRIBE!”​ – Bonnie A., Klamath Falls Clinical Support Coordinator (CSC)

“I had three separate interviews. My third was with Nisha! I couldn’t imagine NOT working for this company. When I accepted the position, Jordan [OnePeak COO] sent out the most heartfelt welcoming email with my resume and said the most amazing things about me after having only met me during my second interview. It was my introduction to our ‘TRIBE’ culture.” – Sheena M., Lead Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) Trainer

“Nisha interviewed me in 2019 at Starbucks. I remember being so nervous because it was NISHA! But things went well! I am now going on four years at OnePeak and I love my job. I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. I love working with Emily Goemaat and feel like I have gained a great friend.” – Krystal W., Telehealth Medical Assistant​

“I applied online to OnePeak late at night. The next morning, Labor Day, Nisha called me herself and interviewed me over the phone. Nisha even found me a realtor and had a friend help me pick neighborhoods. When I met Nisha, I didn’t know a thing, but she sees the potential in people and her intuition tells her to go with it.”​ – Emily Goemaat, Telehealth Medical Provider

“I got a text from Nisha asking if I would like to come work with her in 2015. I replied “yes!” Fast forward a few months and I moved back to Medford. I started back up working with Nish in December 2015! She and Jordan have never failed me.​” – Paula B., Medford-Siskiyou​ Medical Assistant

“Soon after my interview, I was training on the EMR at Nisha’s kitchen counter with the advice to “buckle my seatbelt for the ride!” Since then, she has been an incredible mentor in all ways. Over six years of working at five clinic locations and it’s been an amazing ride.” ​- Christa DeGrazia, Redmond Medical Provider

“I love telling people that when I got hired Jordan [OnePeak COO] was the one who I got my offer letter from. The billing department used to fit in one little office suite with four people!​” – Tiffany Z., Billing Lead

“Nisha reached out to me via Facebook messenger on November 1, 2015, asking if I could help her with her Medicare credentialing, so I did. Then she thought she needed help with billing now that she was out on her own, so I did (minimal she said only two weeks a month). 7 years later, 10 locations, I forgot how many providers and the best Christmas parties I have ever been to! What a ride it has been! Love Love Love!” – Karissa S., Billing Director

Embrace the Change

It’s not always easy to embrace change. However, the past 7 years have proven that with the right care model, the best TRIBE, and an authentic purpose — the best is yet to come!

We look forward to sharing this journey with you in the coming years!

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