How Can IV Therapy Benefit Me?

Nutrition is the key to health, but we can’t always get what we need from the food we eat. Supplements fill in the gaps when the diet isn’t enough. If you are still taking oral supplements, you are missing out. IV therapy is the only direct supplementation method to ensure the body gets the nutrients you need. We are proud to offer advanced nutritional support to our patients.

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a supercharged nutritional supplement delivery system. This therapy delivers vital vitamins and nutrients directly to the bloodstream for maximum retention. Treatment is fast, safe, painless, and highly effective for promoting health and wellbeing.

The hustle and bustle of modern life has most people running at full-speed at least part of the time. Even the most health-conscious of us can fall prey to neglecting the body’s needs. An imbalanced diet, stress, long nights, and environmental toxins can all create less than ideal conditions in the body. An untended body leads to a lack of energy, illness, and a reduction in the quality of life.

That’s where supplements come in. When life isn’t slowing down, but your body is, you turn to supplements for support. These vitamins, minerals, and nutrients bring your body back to speed and help you maintain a comfortable pace. IV treatment offers the most effective delivery system for supplements.

Why Would I Use IV Therapy?

At this stage in human history, most people use nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, many of the nutrients they buy in pill form and swallow daily go to waste because they are taken orally.

Are Your Supplements Absorbing?

Millions of people are taking oral supplements thinking swallowing is all it takes to reap the benefits. In many cases, what’s missing from the oral delivery system for supplements is adequate absorption. For the contents of a supplement to supply you with all its health-enhancing benefits, it must be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Oral Supplements’ Tough Road to Absorption

An oral supplement doesn’t have easy access to the bloodstream. Instead, supplements have a chaotic journey where they must contend with volatile stomach acids and the unique biology of your body. Many health benefits can be lost in transit. Using an oral route to reach the bloodstream makes it difficult to predict just how much of a nutrient has endured the journey; you may not be getting the best results.

Full Potency IV Supplementation

Your supplement routine could be summarized by the game of telephone. Would you prefer vital information to travel through many potentially unreliable hands before reaching you? Most people want their valuable information delivered directly from the source. IV infusions cut to the chase and give you vital nutrients directly.

IV therapy is the only nutritional supplement delivery system that guarantees total absorption into the bloodstream. Opting to meet your nutritional needs through this revolutionary method revitalizes your body with supplements at full potency while saving you money and time in the process.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

If you or someone you know has ever had a severe vitamin or mineral deficiency, you have a good idea of how this treatment works. For B12 or iron deficiencies, doctors rarely hand the patient tablets or capsules to fix the problem. Commonly, the first line of defense against a deficiency is an injection or IV infusion of the nutrient. This is because it is the most effective delivery method.

Maintain Health and Prevent Illnesses

You don’t need a vitamin or mineral deficiency to enjoy better nutrient absorption. Although this method might be less common as treatment, there is widespread medical support for this therapy’s use for illness prevention and health maintenance.

Reach Health Goals Safely and Effectively

To make the most of your therapy, we work together to identify your health objectives. From there, we supply the supplements you need to reach your goals. During your medically supervised appointment at one of our four convenient state-of-the-art facilities, we safely infuse your bloodstream with the nutrients necessary for optimal health.

How Can IV Therapy Benefit Me?

The growing popularity of the IV delivery system for supplements results from the innumerable benefits it offers. Below we look at some of the many benefits this treatment provides users. No matter what you want to treat, there is likely an IV infusion for you.

Better Than Oral Supplements

IV delivery ensures absorption. Supplements taken with an IV delivery system absorb into the blood, and they also last longer. You can rest assured that everything you want out of a supplement has entered your bloodstream. You also won’t need to remember to take a capsule every day to get the most from this treatment.

Curbs Cold and Flu

Are you prone to catching a cold or the flu? A lag in the body’s natural defense system caused by stress, inadequate nutrition, or sleep loss can take you out of commission for days. This therapy is effective for propelling the immune system into action to ward off those troublesome seasonal bugs.

Anti-Aging Defense

Beauty comes from the inside out. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it often reflects the body’s internal health. A dehydrated body creates dehydrated skin that accentuates all the lines on the face. IV nutrient infusions can turn back the clock with its potent anti-aging rehydration abilities.

Energy Boost

Don’t reach for a caffeinated drink the next time you find yourself dragging through the day. Caffeine just exacerbates the problem. Nix fatigue at its source by infusing the body with the nutrients that help it thrive. IV infusions can supply you with the energy you need without stimulants.

Hangover Cure

Not much in life feels as miserable as a hangover, and IV treatment can help. When a hangover can’t come in between you and your day, we have the precise blend of nutrients to detox your system and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Stress Relief

Physical, mental, emotional: stress comes in all forms. Everyone feels it at one point or another, but it can take a serious toll on your day-to-day functioning. Our unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids repair the damage in a flash to help you stay focused and feel prepared for anything.


IV treatment is a fast way to rehydrate the body. Dehydration can sneak up on anyone. When dehydration creeps in, it can create a slew of unpleasant symptoms that slow you down. Replenishing the body’s fluids and nutrients makes you feel better in more ways than you can imagine.

Mood Lifting

Nutrient deficiencies play a significant role in mental health. A pervasively low mood could indicate that the body isn’t getting what it needs either because supplements aren’t making their way to the bloodstream or because of dietary choices. At OnePeak Medical Clinics, we can get to the root of nutrient causes that may affect mood. A high concentration of vitamins could be what you need to ease symptoms of depression.

Gut Health

The absorption dilemma doesn’t just apply to supplements. Each person has a delicate gastrointestinal ecosystem and genes that dictate how well the body absorbs anything. Absorption issues are one cause of GI issues. Getting the nutrients you need with IV treatment can restore balance in the body and ease digestive problems. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about a supplement upsetting your stomach again.

Tame Allergies

Allergies manifest when the body is working overtime to flush out toxins. This therapy lends a helping hand to your body’s natural toxin elimination system by rapidly pushing toxins out of the bloodstream. This tag-team effort gives the allergic inflammatory response a chance to rest, which eases your symptoms.

Wound Healing

IV infusions do it better. Taking specific vitamins after surgery is commonplace for wound healing because they work. You expedite the healing process when these vitamins reach the bloodstream directly.

Ease Anxiety

Anxiety sufferers know the effects of this condition exist equally in the body and in the brain. Our calming infusion can help bring both your mind and body back to a more relaxed and comfortable space.

Environmental Detox

Sometimes we have control over toxin exposure, but sometimes we don’t. Exposure to pollution, cigarette smoke, fumes, and other toxins are part and parcel of navigating modern life. These toxins can drag the body down in many ways. IV infusions rid the body of environmental toxins and help you live more fully.

Pain Relief

If you are looking for pain management solutions without chemicals, meet IV nutrient infusions. Your aches and pains may have a nutritional cause. Many of our patients experience a dramatic shift in pain levels after receiving specialty IV infusions.

Natural Alternative

One of the most extraordinary benefits of choosing IV treatment is that it’s a natural solution to meeting your health goals. Many wellness solutions take a pharmaceutical direction when things spiral downward. By choosing natural means of prevention, you take control of your life and empower yourself toward healthier solutions.

Customizable Support

Your vitality is our top priority. Although we’ve explored some ways IV therapy can benefit you above, this list is never-ending. No matter what you are experiencing, we have a nutrient infusion to help reinvigorate your mind and body.

What Are Some Popular IV Therapies?

No two patients are ever the same, but we have found a few IV nutrient infusions that our patients request most frequently. These infusions are known for their powerful results for a variety of conditions.

Super Energy IV Myers Cocktail

Developed decades ago by IV nutritional therapy pioneer, John Myers, MD, the Myers Cocktail is a high-octane energy supplement and metabolism booster. Active ingredients like B-complex, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C bring the body into balance and comfort.

You can use this infusion for a one-off increase in energy or in a series of six to eight IVs for an effective weight loss or athletic training metabolic enhancement.

The Super Energy Myers Cocktails also benefits conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and pain. Our patients wanting anti-aging support or immune function enhancement receive this IV treatment monthly.

Super Immune IV

Kiss cold and flu season goodbye and live it up all year long with the Super Immune IV. This blend combines all the benefits of the Myers IV with taurine, calcium, selenium, thiamine, and pantothenic acid to strengthen the immune system and keep viruses at bay.

A robust immune system shields you from the sniffles and other sickness symptoms like cold sores. All the B vitamins and lipotropic elements in this blend boost the mood and increase energy while supporting fat loss.

High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most well-known vitamin for healing. As a water-soluble vitamin that the human body doesn’t produce on its own, it’s challenging to get the medicinal doses of this vitamin from diet alone. Our 8,000mg vitamin C blend, with up to 25,000mg to 40,000mg additional IV nutrients, is a quick fix for keeping you healthy longer or helping you recover faster.

Vitamin C helps synthesize brain chemicals, which makes it especially useful for treating brain function, mood support, anxiety control, and focus. Because of vitamin C’s role in immune system recovery, this IV is also useful for a variety of preventive health measures.

Executive Stress

A little stress here and there is a part of life, but ongoing or overwhelming stress is harmful to the brain and the body. Our Executive Stress IV is filled with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids designed to bolster brain and body activity.

Whether you are looking to regain mental sharpness or healing from surgery, the Executive Stress IV delivers powerful results, quickly.

Glutathione Push

Glutathione is the most powerful tripeptide antioxidant found in every cell of the human body. This antioxidant features three essential amino acids to neutralize harmful free radicals caused by stress, radiation, drugs, malnutrition, and aging.

Glutathione IV has the potential to fight almost any disease or condition. Supplementing with this IV super-supplement can radically transform your life and body. We offer glutathione as a single injection or added to any IV treatment.

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