Oregon Leader in Functional Medicine Comes to Lake Oswego, Oregon

OnePeak Medical, an Oregon leader in functional medicine and hormone balancing, has announced expansion into Lake Oswego, Oregon. The newest clinic is set to open its doors in April 2023. It is currently open for telehealth patients who want to establish care before the official opening.

Initially founded by Dr. Nisha Jackson, Ph.D., MS, NP, HHP, in 2015, the opening of the Lake Oswego clinic marks its 12th clinic in Oregon. Located at 16463 Boones Ferry Road, the clinic will offer prevention-focused primary care, specializing in functional medicine, hormone testing and balancing, nutrient therapy, an on-site laboratory, and more. The Lake Oswego clinic opening is essential as men and women struggle to regain balance and wellness in their post-pandemic lives.

According to Jackson, OnePeak is different because “we spend time listening and gathering our patient’s medical history to help identify the illness’s root cause(s). This could include nutrition, exercise habits, stress levels, sleep patterns, toxins, allergens, genetics, and emotional well-being. Once we identify the root cause, we will design a personalized treatment plan to help the individual feel better,” said Jackson.

OnePeak Medical combines traditional and complementary therapies focusing on whole health and total body wellness. In Lake Oswego, Functional Medicine provider Krista Espenship, MSN, FNP-C, will lead the charge. 

“I love functional medicine because it allows me to know each patient and offer treatment that is customized to them,” said Espenship. “Functional medicine is a foundation of health where we look deep into your biology to see where things are going wrong so we can make it right again. Whether the problem is gastrointestinal, neurological, hormonal, or other, we can help people regain their energy and health.”

OnePeak Medical is currently welcoming new patients to their Lake Oswego location via telehealth appointments. They will begin seeing patients in person in their new clinic after their grand opening. OnePeak Medical accepts most major insurance plans.

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