Aida Johnson, MSN, FMHPNP-BC

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner located in Roseburg, OR

OnePeak Medical provider, Aida Johnson

Aida Johnson, MSN, FMHPNP-BC, obtained a bachelor of science in Nursing from the University of Maryland, a Masters of Science in Nursing from George Mason University, and Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner from Shenandoah University.

Aida has worked as an RN in both cardiac/telemetry and psychiatry. After obtaining a clinical nurse specialist degree in psychiatry, Aida worked in private practice for 3 years, providing psychotherapy for adults, couples, families, children/adolescents. After obtaining her Psych NP, she then worked for the military seeing service members and their dependents for 8 years.
At one point was the only child prescriber at Fort Knox children’s mental health clinic and saw children/adolescents via telepsych.
After working for Department of Defense moved to California and have worked for the Veterans administration for 9 years.

– have two daughters, one son and twin grandbabies.
-have a chihuahua named Mika
-Enjoy travel, beach trips, walking, reading and spending time with family, especially my twin grandsons.

Appointments are available by referral.

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