Alice Koech, MSN, AGNP-C

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner located in Roseburg, OR

Prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Alice (Allie) Koech, MSN, AGNP-C worked as a Registered Nurse in acute care for six years. She graduated from Bloomsburg University and is certified in Adult and Gerontology Primary Care through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. In addition, she is also certified in Carbohydrate Reduction and Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment through Nutrition Network.

One of Allie’s main motivations for pursuing a career in primary care was to have the autonomy to participate in the care of her patients. She particularly is passionate about preventative care and fast-track restoration to health by addressing the five pillars of health: Nutrition, Sleep, Body Movement, Emotional/Spiritual Health, and Stress Management.

Through Allie’s own health journey, she discovered functional medicine and her desire to practice in such an environment tripled. She is keen on treating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit while helping her patients take the lead in their own health journey. Allie is committed to equipping you with the necessary tools to heal in an environment where you feel safe, heard, and supported. Her values and guiding principles in practice include love, compassion, respect, transparency, autonomy, and genuine provider-patient relationships.

One of Allie’s biggest passions lies in addressing metabolic health syndrome and associated illnesses through lifestyle medicine. Here at OnePeak Medical, we do just that!

When Allie isn’t caring for others, you will find her practicing on her acoustic guitar, hiking, cooking low-carb meals, endlessly reading, or listening to audiobooks and podcasts on varied topics (if curious, ask her next time you see her).