Alisia Cook

Fitness and Nutrition Adviser located in Talent, OR

OnePeak Medical Fitness & Nutrition Advisor, Alisia Cook, located in Talent, Oregon.

Alisia is a certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA), Lifestyle and Wellness coach (Wellness 360), Sports Nutrition Consultant (AFPA), Functional Fitness Trainer (AFPA) and earned her Bachelors degree in Health and Physical Education from SOU. Like so many, Alisia has had her own share of weight loss struggles and states “I am here to tell you as someone who has struggled most of her life, you can turn it around, it does take the right tools, the right support system and a lot of hard work, but it is possible. I know because I have put the work in and have even competed in bikini competitions. With over 20 years of education and experience, I help people who are exhausted and struggling in their health journey, to create sustainable weight loss and better overall health so they can feel empowered to have full control over their health for years to come.

Alisia is excited to be a part of your healthy healing team!