Amanda Fitt

Fitness and Nutrition Adviser located in Bend, OR

Amanda Fitt, MS is a CNS candidate, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and is finishing up the last requirements needed to become a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Amanda is extremely passionate about helping individuals with their digestive health, metabolic health, sports nutrition, as well as women’s hormones and fertility. Amanda’s interest in functional nutrition developed after feeling pretty let down by mainstream healthcare throughout her teens and 20’s. Upon experimenting with her own nutrition and eating habits during her undergraduate years, Amanda became fascinated with the science behind food, how it could be manipulated to improve one’s health, and how the food we eat impacts virtually every system in the human body. She then went on to earn her Masters in Science of Applied Clinical Nutrition so she could help others reap the benefits of therapeutic nutrition.

In her free time, Amanda loves to be outdoors: as an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and trail runner, she understands how adequate nutrition is essential for being able to engage in the activities you love for years to come. When she’s not playing outside, you’ll likely find Amanda baking up some tasty goodies in the kitchen and spending time with her partner.