Amicia Bullard, PA-C

Physician Assistant located in Medford, OR

Amicia Bullard, PA-C has over 19 years of experience in various specialties including primary care and urgent care. Additionally, Amicia’s background includes orthopedics, dermatology, occupational health, pediatrics, and the ER. She is also certified to provide DOT physical exams at our Medford-Hillcrest clinic.

Amicia’s interest in primary care is the result of years of seeing patients only when they had to. She strives to help her patients find the health they have been seeking and come to her to create a better life. Her experience in orthopedics and primary care prepared her to address the reality that “we can’t fix everything.” Instead, we can use the ever-growing medical options to increase mobility, lessen pain, and improve the quality of life of our patients.

In addition to her primary care experience, Amicia has hands-on experience in ultrasound-guided joint injections and trigger point injections to help patients move better and recover more mobility.

Amicia graduated from Whitworth College in Spokane, WA with both a Teaching and English degree with minors in Health and Biology. Before becoming a PA, she taught SAT prep, high school life science, and GED at alternative high schools. She went on to earn her Master’s in Education with a focus on special education from the University of Oregon. She worked with grade school and high school students who were unable to attend school due to either chronic or acute health concerns. This is when she decided to go back to school to be a physician assistant. In 2000, Amicia graduated from Pacific University’s Physician Studies Master’s Program.

Amicia is an Oregon native and you can find her on the Britt Trails in Jacksonville on her days off. She is also an Outward Bound Instructor on mountain and river courses and enjoys extensive bicycle touring, gardening, and creating a home.