Andi Hamilton

Fitness and Nutrition Adviser located in Bend, OR

Andi Hamilton PBACC, BA, CPT, CYT is a former tactical athlete and college athlete dedicated to empowering others to optimize performance, maintain inner peace, cultivate joy, and find their “Why”.  Andi has an extensive and inclusive background in multiple domains.  Andi has traveled to 23 countries, lived abroad in South America, North Africa and the Middle East, and has learned 4 other languages.  This provides a platform for cross-cultural communication and the ability to understand how a person’s choices are influenced by their cultural, familial, and personal histories.

Andi became a life coach through the Unbeatable Mind methodology and began serving others in this capacity in 2019. Andi is continuing with the Level 2 ICF, ACTP as an Executive Coach. Andi is a certified yoga teacher with a focus on anatomy and mobility for MMA/BJJ fighters. Andi became a certified personal trainer through ISSA, specializing in tactical conditioning and bodybuilding.  Andi is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, working on the Board of Health certification for the master’s level.  In addition, Andi is a NSCA strength and conditioning coach candidate and has done a post-baccalaureate in pre-medicine with a focus on human physiology and aerospace medicine while doing EMT through UCLA in Los Angeles.

When not helping patients with their nutrition and fitness, Andi is freediving, flying helicopters, and hunting with three mischievous Vizslas.