Andrea Witham, MSN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner located in Roseburg, OR



Andrea is a family nurse practitioner with an emphasis on Functional and Emergency Medicine as well as Primary and Urgent Care. With this richly diverse background, she is well equipped to manage her patient’s primary and urgent care needs. Andrea’s colossal heart has allowed her to help optimize her patient’s health with the least amount of medication.

Andrea completed her studies at the University of Phoenix, making her well rounded in all aspects of medicine. She has also completed studies in functional medicine that will not only help provide her Roseburg patients with options for chronic health problems but understand how to improve upon and reverse age-related illnesses.

Andrea and her husband, a private air-flight instructor, have two young children. Their family has relocated to Oregon from Phoenix, AZ, and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of our smaller hometown community.

From Andrea's Patients:

“I have gone to a few doctors for the same reason. Each and every one of them have always told me, it’s because of my weight. I didn’t feel like any of them were really listening. I had basically given up on going to doctors until 2 of my friends highly recommended Peak Medical. I am certainly glad I did. Andrea Witham listened to me and my painful story and then decided what we should do TOGETHER. Not once did she tell me it was because of my weight and that made a huge impact on me. I have only just begun my journey with Peak Medical, but I don’t feel like I have mad a mistake at all!”

– Tiffany S.

“I’ve been suffering from fatigue and mood swings since my son was born. I asked primary physicians in the past about testing for hormones and other uncommonly tested levels like Vit D, Vit B, etc. No one would do it. At Peak, they tested for many of those things and I found I was low in Vit D, iron, pregnenolone and a couple other things. Now on supplements, I have more energy than I have since before my kiddo was born. Andrea Witham was caring, educational and informative when going over my blood tests and recommending next steps. Highly recommend this clinic!”

– Lacey M.

“In our initial appointment, Andrea listened carefully and asked lots of relevant questions, taking what appeared to be copious notes! I had brought her my 3 latest lab reports and had written a brief summary of my recent health history.. She had planned to read it all more thoroughly over the weekend! She expressed concern about one of the iron blood panel results, explained a little about the nature of the item tested and outlined a plan of action. No one in my history has gone so far in depth with me. I truly appreciate that. I feel that not only does she care, she is very knowledgeable. and will be addressing my concerns.”

– Amorosa P.

Andrea Witham, MS FNP-C is accepting new patients for primary care, functional medicine, hormone balancing for men and women, and anti-aging procedures.