Dr. Ashley Shrader, DNP, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner located in Central Point, OR

Dr. Ashley Shrader, DNP, FNP-C studied family practice and primary care at George Washington University. She has an extensive background in emergency medicine, oncology, and urgent care from working at one of the busiest hospitals in Washington, D.C.

Ashley has witnessed firsthand the inadequate results of traditional primary care in an acute care setting. This piqued her interest in exploring the root cause of disease through functional medicine. Ashley has studied functional medicine and hormone therapies for longevity and deeply understands the benefits of hormone optimization for age management. She has since trained and is certified by nationally recognized hormone expert, Dr. Neil Rouzier of World Link Medical. She is passionate about exploring the role of hormones in reducing body inflammation and halting the disease process with age while helping to reverse many chronic diseases. Ashley’s other interests include longevity, behavior modification, and autoimmune diseases.

Prior to her career as a family practitioner, Ashley worked in renewable energy until a biking accident lead her to the hospital and opened her eyes to the vulnerability of patients. Due to this experience, she approaches health care with a tender hand, focusing on the individual needs of her patients and formulating treatments that heal the mind, body, and soul. In her spare time, Ashley teaches yoga to all levels and ages. After living in Washington, DC for 10 years, Ashley and her husband are savoring the beauty of southern Oregon and enjoying the outdoors with their German Shorthaired Pointer.