Kari Rocco, MSN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner located in Eugene, OR



Kari Rocco MSN, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner with certifications in functional medicine and hormone therapy. As the former protégé of nationally recognized hormone expert Dr. Neil Rouzier of World Link Medical, Kari has built a name for herself in the Eugene community as a certified hormone balancing specialist.

Kari’s background in critical and cardiac care makes her equipped to manage, assess and prevent the medical issues that arise as we age. By testing her patient’s adrenal, thyroid and male and female hormones, Kari can suggest lifestyle changes, appropriate supplementation and optimal hormone balancing options. This ultimately helps each patient reach his or her potential with all aspects of health including sleep, weight, mood and disease prevention. Kari Rocco is passionate about helping her patients get to the underlying cause of their symptoms in order to help eliminate ongoing dependencies on medications.

Having completed her studies at Northern Arizona and the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine, Kari is well versed in all aspects of medicine. She has pursued studies in functional medicine allowing her to provide her patients with treatment and prevention options for chronic and age-related health.

Kari Rocco MS, FNP is accepting new patients for primary care, functional medicine, hormone balancing for men and women, and anti-aging procedures.

From Kari's Patients:

“Kari Rocco is amazing. She is very thorough and really cares. You can feel how invested she is in changing lives and getting to the root cause of things rather than just putting band-aids on symptoms. Her energy is great and you feel like a new person when you walk out of your appointment!”

– Catherine W.

“I absolutely loved Kari Rocco. She was so thoughtful and asked me tons of questions. The staff was friendly and helpful.”

– Valerie F.

“Peak Medical is great, all staff are very friendly and Kari Rocco handles all my bio-identical hormone replacement needs perfectly, better than anyone else I’ve seen for this. Thank you Kari.”

– Susan S.