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Physician Assistant located in Medford, OR

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Lydia Picotte, PA-C experienced the value of quality, comprehensive family health care while growing up in a rural Vermont community. As a Physician Assistant at OnePeak Medical, Lydia brings a commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships for optimal patient wellness. She welcomes patients from all walks of life and focuses on evidence-based decisions and individualized patient care to keep her patients healthy while being well-prepared to treat them when sick or injured.

Lydia’s love of nature, science, and people earned her a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from Montana State University and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. She also holds a Minor in Hispanic Studies and is conversant in Spanish after spending time in Chile and Costa Rica.

Lydia has worked with elderly patients where she learned the importance of listening to each patient’s circumstances to customize individual treatment plans. She also has a background working in addiction medicine as well as stroke management where she focused on healthcare goals with measurable progress towards improved patient wellness, no matter the pace to attain the goal. As a Physician Assistant, Lydia assesses and diagnoses ailments and believes in a “team approach” to achieve success in treating any health issue. Lydia aims to coach and inspire her patients through education and awareness to commit to healthy lifestyle behaviors as part of the cure for all health issues.

In her free time, Lydia enjoys trail running, skiing, biking, tennis, camping, and most outdoor activities, including walking her dogs. She loves reading, music, cultural events, travel, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.