Maggie Gartman

Fitness and Nutrition Adviser located in Ashland, OR

Maggie Gartman provides integrative nutrition and wellness expertise to help fuel a healthy, resilient community. As a Fitness and Nutrition Adviser, she is an advocate for meeting and understanding where her client’s health needs are and empowering them to reach their personalized weight loss and wellness goals.

Maggie fell in love with nutrition and healthy foods while shopping at her local farmers market in college. After one bite of a sweet, freshly dug carrot, she was hooked! She became a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Hunger & Environmental Nutrition and the Weight Management Practice Groups. She brings a unique garden to table perspective to her work and has completed certificates in Natural Chef Culinary Arts and Sustainable Agriculture. She completed her BA in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her BS in Food and Nutrition at Appalachian State University and her MS in Nutrition at Appalachian State University.

Maggie loves cooking, gardening, practicing yoga/meditation and hiking through the beautiful pacific northwest. In her spare time, she also volunteers with local food system nonprofits.

Maggie is accepting new male and female clients in Medford for:

  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Expert Nutrition Consulting
  • Specialized Diet Programs
  • Custom Fitness Programs