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Michael Hernandez, PA-C

Physician Assistant located in Redmond, OR

Michael Hernandez, PA-C completed his Master’s Degree and PA-C at Mercy College in the Bronx, NY. Before receiving his degree, Michael worked as a personal trainer and EMT.

This experience, along with providing free healthcare to underserved communities in Central America while on a medical mission trip, helped him see how important preventative care is in keeping the body and mind healthy, as well as what can happen when your health is neglected for too long. Michael is excited to learn more about functional medicine to support his holistic approach to medicine.

Michael specializes in men’s health and has a passion for orthopedics. Michael knows how important hormones are for a healthy body and often sees male hormonal conditions overlooked. He’s excited to bring his passion for hormone health, medical rejuvenation, and PRP therapy to Redmond.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters exploring the great outdoors.

Michael is also bilingual in Spanish.

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