Rebecca Meek, WHNP-BC

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner located in Grants Pass, OR

Rebecca Meek, WHNP-BC has an extensive background in women’s health and primary care. Her nursing career started in 2003 in women’s healthcare and then transitioned into a role as a hospital nurse. She went on to work in emergency care for three years and ran her own freestanding birthing center and home-birth practice as a Certified Nurse Midwife for 4 years. Rebecca has since studied and now practices functional medicine and hormone replacement therapy at Peak Medical and the improvements she has seen in her patient’s health and well-being has blown her away!

Rebecca applies her intricate knowledge of hormone balancing and functional medicine to help women find the underlying causes to issues like fatigue, depression, mental fog, weight gain, loss of vitality, insomnia, hot flashes, low libido, and other age-related ailments. By suggesting lifestyle changes, appropriate supplementation and options to optimize their hormones, she teaches her patients how to prevent age related illnesses. Rebecca Meek is passionate about returning balance to her patient’s lives and providing them with the tools to thrive again!