Samantha Riess, MPPD, RD

Fitness and Nutrition Adviser located in Ashland, OR

2023MKT Samantha Riess

Samantha Riess, MPPD, RD is a passionate Nutrition and Fitness Advisor in Ashland, OR. With both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nutrition and Dietetics from Iowa State University, she provides evidence–based care for all her patients. Samantha is passionate about creating sustainable diet and lifestyles changes by meeting her patients where they are and working with them to create a realistic plan for their lives. In addition to her nutrition expertise, Samantha is also a Yoga Instructor and is passionate about using exercise as a way to feel better physically and mentally.

Outside of work, Samantha enjoys the outdoors. She can be found rock climbing, as well as camping and hiking with her husband and their dog. Samantha is also very passionate about gardening, soil health and raising chickens, all of which she learned while working on a regenerative farm in the Midwest during 2020.