Stephanie Romo, MS, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner located in Medford, OR

Stephanie Romo, MS, FNP-B is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a degree in kinesiology and a background in women’s health, orthopedics, and occupational medicine. She has a deep passion for functional medicine and a desire to teach people healthy aging practices by determining the cause and ailments associated with pain, depression, fatigue, and age-related illness.

Stephanie has a long-standing history promoting health and wellness and strives to provide her patients with the resources and treatment options they need to improve their quality of life! Due to her diverse background, she treats everything from injuries sustained by extreme athletes to hormone imbalances. Her kinesiology background is interwoven into all forms of her practice. Stephanie recognizes the relationship between a healthy, strong body and emotional wellness and incorporates that knowledge into her individualized treatment plans. She has had great success improving gut function, balancing hormones for men and women and balancing brain chemistries by gifting her patients with the empowering knowledge needed to achieve peak physical and emotional health.

Stephanie enjoys spending time hiking with her husband and four children and mastering photography.