Rekindle Your Sexual Spark with PRP Therapy

Many women are reluctant to talk to their doctors about decreased sexual pleasure. However, studies show up to 50% of women suffer from sexual problems and low desire. It’s never too late to improve your sexual health, vitality, and overall quality of life.

OnePeak Medical’s Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy can help improve sexual wellness, achieve stronger and more frequent orgasms, increase natural lubrication, and more!

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP Therapy begins with a small sample of your blood. After your blood is drawn, it is then spun down to separate the white and red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Once the PRP is obtained, it is then redelivered to the treatment area through tiny injections. PRP stimulates cell generation,  forms new blood vessels, activates collagen production, and replenishes the tissue. The entire procedure should take no longer than 45 minutes to an hour.

Since PRP is extracted from your own blood, there are very few and only minor possible side effects. This therapy is perfect for those who are sensitive to allergens or skeptical of treatments with foreign substances.

PRP Therapy is an attractive option for many reasons, including:

  • All-natural
  • Safe and effective
  • Minimally invasive
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick recovery period
  • Immediate results

Reignite Your Sex Life with PRP Therapy

  1. Stronger, more frequent orgasms. Age, stress, childbirth, and menopause are just a few changes that often come with decreased sensitivity. The growth factors in PRP help enhance nerve and vascular functions leading to increased sensation and pleasure.
  2. Increased vaginal lubrication. The growth factors found in PRP can help thicken the lining of the vaginal walls, increase the natural lubrication process, and boost collagen production.
  3. Enhanced libido and sexual desire. Everyone experiences low sex drive at some point in their lives, but when it turns into an all-the-time issue, that’s when you’ve got a problem! With PRP Therapy, you don’t have to struggle with low libido. The creation of new blood vessels helps support the structure of your urethra, adds elasticity and volume to vaginal tissues, and increases sensitivity and sensation. All contributing factors to enhanced libido!
  4. Alleviated pain during intercourse (dyspareunia). The regenerative properties of PRP help increase collagen production, fatty tissues, and blood cells in the vaginal area. These benefits improve vaginal elasticity and lubrication, easing the pain that some women experience during sexual intercourse.

BONUS! People who suffer from urinary incontinence can also benefit from PRP Therapy.

Add Sound Wave Therapy for Long-Term Results

For many of our PRP treatments, we recommend Sound Wave Therapy (also known as Shockwave Therapy) following the procedure for better results. Much like PRP, Sound Wave Therapy stimulates the release of growth factors and generates new healthy tissue; however, combining the two treatments leads to long-term results.

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If your ability to enjoy sex has been frustrated by childbirth or menopause, or you’re just having a difficult time enjoying sex, the professionals at OnePeak Medical can help. Book your consultation today to see if PRP Therapy is right for you.

Supplements for Sexual Wellness

You can find all of our supplements online or at any OnePeak Medical clinic.

  • AM Stress includes Rhodiola to help beat the blues and hold on to a good mood which is essential to sexual desire.
  • Mood contains 5HTP and GABA for the optimal mood to help increase sexual desire.
  • Stamina includes L-arginine that helps dilate clitoral blood vessels, increases the blood flow to erogenous zones, and helps improve arousal. Use up to 1 hour before sex. Orgasms will be more intense and frequent. This effect builds over time with regular use. This works the same with men.
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