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Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets are one of the most popular types of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Natural Hormone Balance

Bioidentical hormone pellets are the most natural way to replenish hormone levels for both men and women. Pellets are placed under the skin and consistently release small, physiologic doses of bioidentical hormones just like those found in your body. Your body controls the release of the hormones into your bloodstream. You absorb more during exercise and stress and less when you are at rest.

This process may continue for four to six months for men and three to five months for women.

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Hassle-free Dosing

Who needs one more thing to add to their daily routine? When you’re in the middle of managing a career, raising a family, or maintaining a household, medicine can be easy to forget.

With an implanted hormone pellet, there’s nothing to forget! Once inserted, the pellets provide a steady release of hormones without the hassle or risk of user error. Nothing comes in between you and the bioidentical hormones released from the pellet to ensure that you receive the right dose each day.

Hormone Balancing

Hormones keep your body running smoothly, but common imbalances cause symptoms that most medical providers don't know how to investigate underlying causes for.

Safe & Effective

Many conventional hormone therapies have undesirable risks. For instance, synthetic hormone replacement therapy can increase a person’s risk of developing blood clots. Pellets do not carry this risk. Pellets also bypass the liver and will not harm your glucose levels or liver function. They also do not negatively alter your blood pressure or lipid levels.

Many patients who haven’t had success with other hormone therapies have a positive experience using pellets.

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Increased Energy

Who doesn’t want a little pep in their step? Returning to your balanced hormonal state can do wonders for your energy levels. Fatigue, lethargy, and reduced motivation are among the most commonly reported signs associated with hormonal imbalances.

Although many people reach for caffeine to bring that back into the game, this can exacerbate the issue and make you more tired. With hormone pellets, you have a supportive treatment option that doesn’t make the problem worse.

Weight Loss

Hormone pellets can also help you manage your weight. If you exercise and monitor your diet but still gain weight, a hormone imbalance could be to blame. One reason this therapy is so popular is that patients realize that sometimes there is more to the weight equation than calories in and out.

Hormones and metabolism are linked. If you have found traditional weight loss methods aren’t working for you, it might be a good idea to have your hormone levels checked.

Better Sexual Function

Hormone pellets can reignite your sexual desire. Hormones are most famous for their role in sexual development and health. When patients notice a decline in libido or performance, hormones are often to blame. Although the symptoms for men and women are different, they take a toll on everyone’s interpersonal relationships and self-esteem.

Many people are turning to OnePeak Medical to solve bedroom issues. They realize the value of treating the cause of the problem instead of merely treating the symptoms.

Stabilized Mood

Hormones bring mental health harmony. Mood swings, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health concerns are all influenced by the body’s hormone levels. In recent years, more people than ever are looking for pharmaceutical-free treatments for mental health. It surprises most people to learn that their mood issues have always had a hormonal component. Patients who want a long-term solution to shifting moods find relief with BHRT.

Better Sleep

Fall asleep and stay asleep. Struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or feel rested after sleep can all result from a hormonal imbalance. The human body needs sleep to repair itself and keep everything humming along in good order. A lack of sleep can put you at risk for accidents and create disturbances in your career, relationships, and self-esteem.

More Muscle

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can keep your muscles healthy. One of the unfortunate consequences of declining testosterone is muscle loss, especially for men. Testosterone production begins to slow down for men as early as in their 30s. Many men are turning to hormone pellets to prevent muscle loss and improve upon the strength they currently have.

Improved Concentration

Say goodbye to brain fog, absent-mindedness, clouded thinking, and forgetfulness. Don’t assume that aging is the cause for your concentration issues; many of the most common brain complaints have a hormonal root. You can free your mind from the shackles of cloudy thinking by getting your hormones back to appropriate levels.

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Hormone Pellets for Women

Many women experience imbalanced hormones that negatively affect their health, appearance, and emotional wellbeing. The idea that women only suffer from hormonal imbalances during menopause is not accurate. A woman can experience the negative effects of hormonal imbalance a variety of times in her life.

Women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance may improve their health by using hormone pellets. With the use of hormone pellets, women report they are able to sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Their sex drive also comes back. Many women are able to enjoy an orgasm once more, something many haven’t been able to do for years.

Hormone Pellets for Men

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be highly effective for men who are experiencing signs of low testosterone or andropause, commonly known as “male menopause.” Testosterone levels begin to decline in men beginning in their early 30’s. Most men maintain adequate levels of testosterone into their mid-40’s to mid-’50s. Men should be tested when they begin to show signs of testosterone deficiency such as bone loss, fatigue, depression, erectile dysfunction, difficulty sleeping, body pain, mental decline, irritability, weight gain, and hair loss.

Most men need to be tested around 50 years of age. Men can enjoy the benefits of testosterone therapy for most of their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pellets use your cardiac output to determine how many hormones to release. If your heart rate goes up because of exercise, stress, or other issues, the pellets will release more hormones. This will help support your body when you are exercising or experiencing stress. When you sleep or rest, your heart rate will decrease. During this time, the pellets will release smaller amounts of hormones into your body. This reduction will help you sleep well and feel relaxed.

Pellet insertion is a relatively simple in-office procedure done with local anesthesia. The pellets (which are larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a ‘Tic Tac’) are inserted subcutaneously (under the fatty lining of skin), in the upper buttocks through a very small incision (the size of an eraser head). The incision is then closed with sterile tape strips. Typically, patients cannot feel the implants under their skin. This will take about 15 minutes.

Once the pellets are inserted a consistent dose of bioidentical hormones enter the bloodstream and BHRT will begin to work within 7-10 days after insertion. Most patients report symptom relief within 2-4 weeks.

Since the pellets are all-natural and contain hormones that your body naturally produces, the pellets will be completely dissolved and absorbed, leaving none of the components behind in your body.

Complications from the insertion of hormone pellets include minor bleeding, bruising, or infection at the insertion site (infection is extremely rare). Testosterone stimulates the bone marrow and increases the production of red blood cells. A low testosterone level in older men is a cause of anemia. Testosterone, delivered by pellets or other methods, can cause an elevation in the red blood cells. After the insertion of the pellets, vigorous physical activity should be avoided 48 hours for women and up to five days for men.

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