Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment uses lasers to disable hair follicles in areas on your body where you no longer want to see hair growth. The results are designed to be long-lasting. The great thing is that even if you do experience some hair regrowth after the recommended amount of treatment sessions, the hair that does grow back is going to be lighter and thinner than the hair that you currently have right now. It will be a lot more manageable.

Laser hair removal usually requires a series of 5-6 treatments, followed by maintenance treatments. The time between treatments will vary depending on the area of the body. On areas where hair grows quickly, such as the upper lip, the treatments might be repeated every 4 to 8 weeks. On areas of slow hair growth, such as the back, the treatment might be repeated every 12 to 16 weeks.

Pricing Per Treatment

  • Bikini line $125
  • Brazilian $180
  • Underarms $95
  • Lower leg $150
  • Upper leg $150
  • Chin $80
  • Cheeks $80
  • Upper lip $65
  • Full face $200
  • Partial back $150 (add shoulders for additional $80)
  • Full back $300 (add shoulders for additional $80)
  • Buttocks $125
  • Chest $150