Nutrition and Fitness Consulting

Nutrition is a key component of balanced health and wellness. What makes our standard of care so unique at OnePeak Medical, is that nutrition is woven into your overall plan of care.

OnePeak's Nutrition and Fitness Program provides the one-on-one support needed to integrate a personalized nutrition plan into everyday life. Our dedicated Fitness and Nutrition Advisers work closely with your provider to ensure your individual health needs are being met. We work with you to develop a nutrition and exercise program, adapt changes as needed, and provide ongoing support and accountability.

At the provider’s recommendation, our advisers can address issues such as insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol/blood lipids, GI issues such as IBS and SIBO, as well as a myriad of other health concerns related to proper nutrition and exercise.

"Johnny and Maggie are great. I’ve seen them both multiple times to help me with weight loss and they’re always encouraging and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with my team at OnePeak Medical."

Cori K.

Covered by Most Insurances

Insurance can be billed for services if you see a medical provider during your visits. This is a service we provide as part of the program when you see a OnePeak Medical Practitioners for your health problems that are stemming from weight gain.

"I LOVE TINA! She spends enough time with me and is such a good listener. I feel like I can tell her anything! She is very genuine, personable, committed, inspiring, and so very sweet! And she does everything she can to help me with any of my concerns. She’s the perfect girl for the job!"

Lacey S.

What happens at a Nutrition and Fitness Appointment?

Our advisers help you through the entire process of making changes to your individualized diet plan with food, supplements, and medications to help you achieve optimal results. During your initial visit, we conduct a simple assessment and explore your current health concerns and goals. We partner with you to develop a diet and lifestyle plan, behavioral modifications and assess concerns you may have about dietary changes.

At each visit, we assess body composition including body mass index (BMI), scale weight, lean body mass, body fat, hydration, basal metabolic rate, and visceral fat rating. This is a tracking tool to help you set goals and measure progress towards your personal health targets. Talk to your adviser about using body measurements as another tool to assess progress. We work with the “whole picture” to keep you on your path toward health and wellness.

Initial consult includes:

  • Complete medical examination
  • Complete body composition analysis
  • Needs/risk assessment and medical clearance
  • Comprehensive consultation, including a detailed review of the benefits and the risks of the program
  • Option to receive your first B-12/B-6 injection or Skinny Shot
  • Recommendations of supplements for appetite, cravings, and energy
  • Recommendations of prescription medication for weight loss, if appropriate*
  • Blood work for all hormones, thyroid, and body metabolism can be ordered to help tailor the program to achieve optimal results.

*Prescription medications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Follow-up appointments are typically scheduled in one-month increments, however, a custom appointment schedule may be recommended as needed. According to research and our own experience, people are most successful at losing weight AND keeping it off when working with a provider for six months or longer.

Follow-up visits include:

  • Weight and measurements including body mass index – body composition analysis and body measurements
  • Personalized fitness plans for cardio and body firming exercises
  • Blood pressure check
  • Review of diet log/exercise journal to help to continuously ensure success with the program

"Michelle and Lindsay are very helpful and encouraging for me to reach my weight goals. Even if I had a bad month, they still give me encouragement to keep going. Lindsay is very sweet and listens. She doesn't suggest any unrealistic diet changes. She starts off slow and we meet monthly. Little changes with great results!"

Specialized Diet Plans

We offer various diet plans based on your individual goals.

  1. Body Analysis Diet
  2. HCG Diet
  3. Candida Diet
  4. Detox Diet
  5. Low-Histamine Diet
  6. Low FODMAP Diet
  7. Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Diet
  8. Slim Diet
  9. Ketogenic Diet

Learn more about our protocols here.

In addition to specialized diet plans, our advisers also offer:

  • Fitness plans with body composition testing
  • Lifestyle modifications/changes, tips, and guides
  • Bio-identical hormone intervention for optimal weight loss

Supplements for Weight Loss

  • Craving: Helps reduce cravings for starch/flour and sugar when taken twice daily. Increases norepinephrine in the brain to reduce cravings and improves mood.
  • Energy: Increases energy naturally without overstimulation. Excellent for correcting fatigue eating (most people eat more when they are tired). Reduces appetite and supports adrenal function.
  • LipoSlim: Supports the liver function of fat metabolism and overall fat loss – very effective at improving the body’s ability to lose body fat.
  • Weight Loss/Metabolism Packs: Combination of supplements taken throughout the day for appetite, cravings, mood, and sleep to prepare and assist the body in weight/fat loss. Provided in convenient weight loss packets.
  • Vitamin B Complex Drops: Excellent sublingual preparation of B vitamins to help maintain high levels of B vitamins for energy and focus.

Injections for Weight Loss

  • B-Kicker: Enhances energy, focus, mood, and corrects vitamin deficiencies associated with the inability to lose weight. Providing energy improves weight loss success.
  • Skinny Shot: Well-known Lipotropics play an important role in fat metabolism, reduction of appetite, and increasing the body’s natural fat-burning processes. The Skinny Shot combination is excellent for chronic fatigue, weight loss plateaus, thyroid disorder, and slow metabolism. Shots for aggressive weight/fat loss should be given once or twice weekly.

Learn more about our Nutrient Injections here.

Is this program right for you?

Working with an adviser can benefit everyone. You may know a lot about nutrition, but still struggle to lose weight – our advisers can help fine-tune your program. Our advisers offer accountability and assistance toward a healthier body and a better quality of life.

Nutrition and Fitness Consulting is available at all OnePeak Medical clinic locations.

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