Nutrient Therapy

Nutrient IV Therapy in Oregon

OnePeak Medical offers a comprehensive menu of nutrient injections and IVs to replenish vital vitamins and nutrients your body needs. This alternative to oral vitamins is more effective in aiding conditions affecting sleep, energy, weight loss, and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Nutrient Injections in Oregon

Nutrient injections are a quick and easy way to boost your energy, immune system, and overall wellness on a regular basis. When injected into the body, the nutrients are immediately available for absorption, providing a quick way to get all the benefits.

Nutrient injections are especially valuable for people who suffer from GI issues that prevent the proper absorption of oral supplements. However, anyone can benefit from them!

Nutrient injections are available in OnePeak Medical locations throughout Oregon.

Need a nutrient injection now? You can walk-in to any OnePeak Medical location to receive your injection. No appointment is needed.

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Nutrient IV Therapy for All of Oregon

Nutrient IVs are a fantastic way to provide your body with long-lasting nutrients and hydration that may be missing in your daily routine.

Our IV Therapy is designed to help support your body through times of stress, dehydration, illness, or even a hangover. Treatments typically take between 60-75 minutes.

We are pleased to offer our IV therapy services throughout Oregon. These locations include our Ashland, Eugene, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Medford-Hillcrest, Medford-Siskiyou, Roseburg, White City, and Redmond, OR, offices. At any of these practices, you’ll find experienced, compassionate professionals who are ready to help you with your IV therapy and nutrient injection needs.

Ready to take advantage of all that IV therapy has to offer? Book your appointment today at the location nearest you. We look forward to helping you have the best health possible with crucial nutrients.

If you're interested in receiving nutrient IV Therapy at OnePeak Medical, please schedule an appointment for the clinic most convenient to you.

Why Nutrient Therapy?

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Increased Energy

Helps convert food into glucose for ready-to-use energy

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Weight Loss

Aids weight loss by quickly converting fats and proteins into energy

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Better Sleep

Fall asleep easier, wake up refreshed, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep

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Improved Immunity

Cleansing formulations that work to quickly remove toxins

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Balanced Hormones

Helps balance hormone levels when stressed or fatigued

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Mood Booster

Improves mood by supporting neurotransmitter function

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Better Focus

Stimulates concentration, supports memory, and aids in focus

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Eases the effects of stress, encourages restful sleep, and supports the immune system

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Athletic Endurance

Supports the repair and recovery of muscle tissues used in exercise

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Age Gracefully

Aids in detoxification, the elimination of free radicals, and helps the skin retain moisture

Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient, meaning it is not produced in the body. It is mainly found in animal products (fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy), although some foods are fortified with B12. Because B12 is water-soluble, it is not stored in the body and must be replenished regularly. B12 is vital to optimal health and is in most of our nutrient injections and IVs.

If you can’t decide on which nutrient injection to get, you can enjoy the benefits of both, with only one MIXER shot. Receive 35% off the less expensive injection when purchased as a mixer

Popular combinations include:

  • Skinny/Happy
  • Energize/Happy
  • Energize/Skinny
  • Happy/Detox
  • B-Kicker/Skinny

Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Liver Lover are not eligible for mixing.

OnePeak’s Nutrient Injections take less than a minute, so there’s no appointment necessary! Walk-ins are welcome at any of our OnePeak Medical locations throughout Oregon.

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