Meet the Tribe

Nisha Jackson

Founder, Owner, &
Chief Executive Officer

Jordan Blackwell, OnePeak Medical COO

Jordan Blackwell

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Alegre

Joseph Alegre

Chief Financial Officer

Brigitte Nickel, OnePeak Medical Marketing Director

Brigitte Nickel

Marketing Director

Melissa Rogers, OnePeak Medical HR Director

Melissa Rogers

Human Resources Director

Amy Grow, OnePeak Medical Human Resources Recruiting Manager

Amy Grow

Human Resources &
Recruiting Manager

Ali Martin Sqaure

Alicen Martin

Provider Recruitment &
Relations Coordinator

Allyson Hatch

Allyson Hatch

Quality Risk and Compliance Manager

Jacob Thompson, IT Manager

Jacob Thompson

IT Director

Karissa Stults, OnePeak Medical Billing Director

Karissa Stults

Billing Director

Tanya Babbitt, OnePeak Medical Events & Project Manager

Tanya Babbitt

Events & Facilities Manager

Darci Mullin, Medford, OR OnePeak Medical Practice Manager

Darci Saling

Operations Manager

Kristin Davis, OnePeak Medical Operations Manager

Kristen Davis

Regional Manager
Eugene, Grants Pass, Redmond, Roseburg, Springfield, Telehealth

Beth Mann, Klamath Falls, OR OnePeak Medical Practice Manager

Beth Mann

Regional Manager
Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Klamath Falls, White City