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Jamie Peterson, PA-C brings 10 years of experience as a Physician Assistant and 10 years prior working in the operating room as a surgical technologist and first assistant. Jamie graduated from the University of Utah in Sociology with a minor in gerontology and biology where she learned about populations and factors that impact societies. In 2013, she graduated with her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Jamie’s first job out of PA school was with Johns Hopkins University Hospital in the surgical oncology department in the hepatobiliary carcinoma division where she treated patients with pancreas and liver cancers. Wanting a change of pace (and blue skies), she moved back to Idaho to work in a rural hospital clinic in a split practice in Family Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery for five years. During this time, she also provided surgical training for PA students and Idaho State University’s PA program as a visiting instructor. Most recently, she worked as a hospitalist at an inpatient psychiatric hospital and an acute orthopedic care practice in Boise.

Jamie’s love for solving problems led her to a fulfilling career where she finds a lot of satisfaction in figuring out what is causing a patient’s symptoms. Over the past few years, she has been concerned with many of the general recommendations for the management of chronic disease after seeing over and over that despite being “well managed” many patients continue to feel sick. Jamie believes that just because you’re not “sick” does not equate to being healthy and that true healing comes from having wellness in body, mind, and spirit. True healing happens best with multiple approaches to treat the illness or injury on many levels.

Jamie is particularly interested in integrative, functional, and travel medicine. She also has specialty knowledge and experience in orthopedic injuries and management.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and dog Tucker, traveling and exploring all over the world, reading, and hiking. Jamie is also active in an anti-human trafficking organization called Operation Underground Railroad where she works on developing and establishing routine training for medical providers in every area of medical care to identify and correctly handle human trafficking victims.