Lilian Bornio Carrillo, PA-C

Physician Associate located in Lake Oswego, OR

Meet Lilian Bornio Carrillo, PA-C

More About Lilian Bornio Carrillo

Lilian (Lili) Bornio Carrillo, a compassionate and knowledgeable Board Certified Physician Associate (PA-C) whose journey began in Mexico City, unfolded in Bend, OR, and now thrives in Portland, OR.

Lili’s educational path led her to a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with a minor in Chemistry from Oregon State University. Following three years in the medical field, she transitioned from a role as a Medical Assistant in Dermatology to pursuing a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), exposing her to 11 different medical specialties and enriching her expertise.

A strong advocate for the mind-body-spirit connection, Lili’s practice is rooted in holistic philosophy, emphasizing true healing beyond symptom management. Through years of study and personal exploration, she recognizes health as the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Lili is dedicated to guiding and empowering individuals on their unique path to health and optimal wellness. Viewing each patient as a whole person with a story, unique needs, and untapped potential, she focuses on uncovering root causes, exploring lifestyle choices, and unlocking the incredible healing capacity within each individual.

Beyond her professional role, Lili immerses herself in the world of holistic living. Whether practicing yoga, experimenting with plant-based recipes, mentoring health professional students to become leaders in wellness, or cherishing moments with loved ones, Lili integrates a holistic approach into every facet of her life.