What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormonal imbalances lead to a number of health woes. Along with affecting your emotions, cognitive ability, and desire for intimacy, an imbalance can also lead to insomnia. Fortunately, Hormone Pellet Therapy is a natural way for both men and women to replenish hormone levels. Pellets are placed under the skin and consistently release small, physiologic doses of bioidentical hormones just like those found in your body. Your body controls the release of the hormones into your bloodstream. You absorb more during exercise and stress and less when you are at rest.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How do pellets work?

The pellets use your cardiac output to determine how many hormones to release. If your heart rate goes up because of exercise, stress, or other issues, the pellets will release more hormones. This will help support your body when you are exercising or experiencing stress. When you sleep or rest, your heart rate will decrease. During this time, the pellets will release smaller amounts of hormones into your body. This reduction will help you sleep well and feel relaxed.

What size are the pellets?

A single pellet is slightly larger than a single grain of rice and smaller than a ‘Tic Tac.’ This makes the insertion process easier to manage and more comfortable for the patient.

Where are they inserted?

For men and women, pellets are inserted subcutaneously (under the fatty lining of skin) in the upper buttocks through a very small incision (the size of an eraser head).

Your OnePeak Medical Provider will make a small incision and insert the pellet directly into the tissue. The incision is so small that there’s no need for stitches. Covering the incision with a bandage and surgical tape is sufficient. This will only take a minute or two, which is one reason many people prefer pellets to other solutions.

How often will I need a new pellet?

Many other forms of hormone replacement therapy require ongoing doses. The nice thing about Hormone Pellet Therapy is you can go four to six months between treatments for men and three to four months for women. The amount of time between treatments depends on several factors, including your general health, activity level, and how well you respond to the treatment.

How soon will the treatment begin to work?

It’s not unusual for patients to notice some differences within seven to ten days of the initial treatment. You may find that your interest in intimacy begins to return. If you’ve experienced trouble sleeping, you may notice that it’s easier to get to sleep and stay that way for a few hours.

You’ll begin to see the full effect somewhere between three and five weeks. By then, you’ll notice an improvement in your general mood and your cognitive abilities. You should also notice that your libido and your ability to engage in intimacy are back to normal.

Is Hormone Pellet Therapy Right For You?

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